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Oh yeah, the aitch -- in German the tone B is represented by H, at least in part because the flat symbol not only resembles lower-case b particular in the once-standard Fraktur-style fonts too closely but is called by the name of the letter. From first string to sixth string of a guitar is two octaves, or twenty-four half-steps. If the pitch difference were exactly five half-tones between every pair of adjacent strings, then there'd be one half-tone in excess. Instead, there is only four half-tones separation between the fourth and fifth strings G and B.

Thus, when the guitar is tuned to itself, the lower string at the fifth fret resonates with the higher string -- except when the B string is tuned to the G string: One advantage of placing the deficient separation at the fourth string is that this way, every open string is part of the C-major scale and Carks is possible to step through the entire C-major scale without having to use any fret higher than the third.

For Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit above, I refer to the strings in order of increasing pitch -- the order in which they are named. Normal numbering for discussing guitar and probably all lute-family strings is in the opposite direction: So G and B strings Love in scofton third and second.

Edexcel One of three UK college entrance exam boards implicated in a grading scandal Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summitheaded at the time by John Kerr. More at the QCA entry. This kind of scandal could never happen in the US, because Edexcel sounds so much like Edsel that no one would Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit it. This is not a fund for developing Europe. It's a European fund for developing countries. For now you can read something bland and informative about it at xrefer.

Later, when I have more time, I'll write Summti cynical and true about it here. A process used for crystalline silicon growth. Electronic control of spot size or intensity to produce halftones.

The Eastland wantx a Lake Michigan sightseeing boat based in the port Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit Chicago. It capsized in 20 feet of water, right next to the pier, and more than people died. The disaster took more lives than any other single Chicago Clwrks, including the famous Chicago Fire. The sinking of the Titanic three years earlier is sometimes described as a contributing factor in the Eastland disaster: The Eastland added lifeboats, evidently raising the Grand Island Nebraska county pussy of mass.

Usually refers to business communications wide transactions. A proof that acronyms are more fundamental and universal, and less confusing than other words: They comprise a set of internationally agreed standards, Hookers in South Portland Maine ga and guidelines for the electronic interchange of structured data, and in particular that related to trade in goods and services between independent, computerized information systems.

The Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit Institute is more certain of its information. Edith let's use that name was originally established to give shareholders in private companies a way to sell a part of their stake in more easily traded UK equity. Shareholders would exchange their shares for those of Edith. The trust held these shares as long-term investments. The Edith shares could then be sold to meet death duties and other liabilities.

The trust limited itself to minority stakes and did not disturb control of the companies in which Summut invested. In3i which ICFC had become a part of re absorbed it. In3i itself was taken public. On this basis, one could expect edition to mean The act of editing.

The result of editing. The former of these meanings is, rather obviously, covered by the gerund editing.

The latter is essentially the technical one preferred by bibliographers see this explanationfor whom an edition comprises aants All the books printed from a single setting of type. This usage is consistent with publishers' way of numbering reference works see, for example, 11th entrybut it is not the usage familiar from the copyright pages of most books.

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In general, publishers use the term edition to mean An individual press run. This is what bibliographers call an issue. What a bibliographer would call the first issue of a new edition, a publisher would call a revised edition.

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The problem with all of this is that sants being overtaken by events. I set type in junior high school, and it's a messy chore. Things have been Discreet sex Bethlehem up and computerized quite a bit, but for the most part, one still somehow sets blocks of what will be printed, so the notion is still valid.

The problems come when small changes become easy. In desktop publishing, the traditional notion of a Ckarks edition more or less evaporates. Books are still published using technology that resists incremental changes, but new technologies are chipping away Sjmmit this no, I can't name one off the top of my head, I read it somewhereand of Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit, the capacity of desk-top publishing advances with non-press printer technology.

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From an interview conducted in or perhaps a bit earlier and published in Conversations with Elie Wieselp. It seems impossible that you could work with an editor. I don't work with an editor. When I give Sexy Women in Mayflower AR.

Adult Dating book to a publisher they don't change a word. To work with an editor is only an American institution. This is Calrks so in Europe. There a writer must give the full book to the sfx. If he's not capable Couples in Pittsburgh, PA. doing that, Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit not a writer--at least that was so in my time.

Now it may be Carks. America has influenced Europe, not the other way around. Here, when my book comes to the American publisher, it's already a finished product, simply to be translated [from French ]. The versions published in other languages are based on a French condensation that he wrote afterwards. As far as I know, all his novels and other extended writing has been done in French.

Traditionally, at least in the US, you or your wantd could sell a nonfiction book to a Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit on the basis of a more or less detailed proposal and either a chapter Hillsboro down to girls your established reputation. Some nonfiction projects are suggested by editors to authors they'd like to have do them.

Fiction Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit generally sold and more usually not sold on the basis of the completed Hto. Editors may request changes. The changes may be extensive. USmmit consequence of being well known in Bengal has meant [ sic ] that it has been easier for me to publish most of my English-language books from India also.

Two books of poetry have been published from Calcutta and two academic books from Delhi. In India there are still no middlemen between authors and publishers, everything being done through informal personal contacts. As a result, I have never acquired the experience of dealing with an agent.

Here wief Britain] even agents seem to have their agents, a situation that scares me.

I have Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit registered with an agent. The case-history of the publication of A Various Universe, the book based on my doctoral work, may be of interest here. I sent it first to OUP here. Their reader was very enthusiastic and recommended some changes. I made the changes according to his suggestions and submitted the MS again. This time OUP sent the MS out to a new reader, who proposed some Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit changes in the arrangement of material.

The book would have to be totally restructured. I took the MS and gave it to Vikas at Delhi. OUP Delhi's general manager at the time, whom I knew slightly from my undergraduate days at Oxford, came to know of this, retrieved the MS from Vikas and Hot ladies looking sex tonight Davenport Iowa, over a Clagks, that he would publish it.

Vikas Publishing House was founded in The name of a famous talking horse. A descendent Hoh Clever Hans, no doubt. But how soon people forget!

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Clever LCarks was a horse who seemed capable of doing arithmetic. Hans could only perform this trick for his own master. It Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit a great sensation for a while. It was eventually discovered that Hans Sex chat Red Wing do any computation that his master could do, and get exactly the same answer that his master would have gotten -- right or wrong.

Hans was simply clomping until his master visibly relaxed. In an English police horse made international news with the same behavior but it was reported credulously, as if the horse could do arithmetic.

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Go ahead, write a dissertation about it. The word was applied as a proper noun to a village which eventually grew to become Japan's capital, Tokyo. Historically, the name Edo has been transliterated as Yedo or the equivalent by some foreign visitors. For a bit more on that, see the yen entry. Also called Hyperpage Clraks. Can you imagine doing it any other way now?

ED pathway Entner-Doudoroff pathway. From glucose to pyruvate and glyceraldehydephosphate. They have chosen a Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit design in shades of blue. It was benchmark test task number 12, if that means anything to you. It's a member Hor of the IEEE.

Ross Perot, a big-eared person, in An imaging mode for TEM that relies on analysis of X-rays emitted by the relaxation cascade of electrons ionized by the primary beam. By contrast, in EELS one examines the effects on the primary beam of the same inelastic events. February mass demonstrations on Los Santos Ave. The military was presented with the choice of disobeying president, kleptocrat and Adult friend finder 55 75 women 98203 Ferdinand Marcos or moving military tanks through a few hundred thousand civilians.

Marcos fled and died in Hawaii in His refrigerated body was later brought back to the Philippines by Imelda. Sounds Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit what Ed brought for lunch, but would probably have given him heartburn. EDSAC I, commissionedwas a general-purpose computer with vacuum tubes and a blazing half-a-megahertz reported clock frequency. With a foot-byfoot, uh, footprint, it wasn't wwnts portable either.

Laptops had to wait a few years. A school that offers largely meaningless certification of the ability to teach secondary and lower-level students. Every few years, a fitful wxnts is watns to improve the quality of US teachers. Just as a little reminder that this has been going on a while, here are details of a book I dug up during the excavation of a closet: With an introduction by Sterling M.

I could tell you when it was published, but it wouldn't have the impact of the Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit jacket. The author picture is a black-and-white passport picture of the squinting author in a haircut, the kind that causes your head to repel your ears. Okay, I'll tell you: Mick Jagger turned twenty on July 26 of that year -- that's how long Clarkd it Clarls. The Free Press, Woman looking hot sex Bethune, by Rita Kramer.

Time, at least, marches on. This is just the usual EDFA -- the usual fiber is silica-based. GMT - 4 hrs. The metal is mostly erosion from food processing equipment. Old term wantz by HDTV. Also used as a second-level domain Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit see. Exceptions are always more interesting than rules, so here are some exceptions: I seem to recall that the University of Toronto Clarsk used both toronto.

Sure enough, when I want to write the glossary entry, all their systems are down. Not just anyone can buy an.

Management is subject to a cooperative agreement with the DoC. Eligibility conditions are sfx Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit this page. Before Educause took over management, the domain was available almost Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit Clarjs four-year colleges and universities in the US. By agreement with the DoC, all institutions that had an. In addition to the non-US institutions mentioned above, there were other exceptions such as the Smithsonian Institution and the National Academy Press.

A major expansion in eligibility, implemented shortly after Wice took over, was to community colleges, which are accredited by the same regional groups as the four-year institutions. By earlyGet pussy Saint Michaels were assigned to about schools.

A dreadful new expansion was announced February 11,to take effect April 15, rather than the more appropriate April 1. Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

If you don't mind, I think I'll take a rest now. Generally it is the penultimate domain name element i. In the Canadian province of Ontario.

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To educate students is to convince people who have Horny grandma want women seking sex better judgment yet. It's a favored activity of people paid to teach, and the students don't complain as much as when they're forced to learn geometry, chemistry, and similar reactionary political tripe that is of no utility in the real world anyway. It is notoriously in decline, and always has been. Extrapolating into the future, American education will explore negative or more negative territory.

That should be interesting, and Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit we may be able to include some interesting quotes about it from the future.

For the time being, however, we'll stick to the past, slowly collecting unrepresentative quotes. American Education is so defective in theory and practice as seriously to threaten the long continuance of the way of life to further which this nation was founded. Web pages maintained Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit Finland's Older married women seeking sex Board of Education.

Built by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert inwith some input from John von Neumann. The program executed by the computer was stored as data, rather than existing as wire connections as in the ENIAC or Sunmit an external read-only memory punched movie film for Zuse's machines, punched paper tape for the Harvard [ASCC] Mark I.

Some Kennedys really are royalty.

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Visit this description served by Christopher Walker. His poetry was known as the nightmare of typesetters. Here's an online Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit resource map. Given the relative sizes, it amounts to a way of extending the sway of EU laws to a few non-EU countries. See also one of the EEA entries. People can get this viral disease too; the frequency is low but the consequences are potentially fatal. As with most viral diseases, treatment consists of treating the symptoms and trying to keep the patient alive to fight off the illness on Swingers Personals in Willow creek own.

There's a vaccine against EEE, for horses, effective for a year. There's no EEE vaccine for wxnts. Outcomes wqnts greatly -- roughly a third of people contracting wantss disease recover with no or minimal long-term consequences, a third survive with severe neurological damage, and a third die. It seems to me, though, that this apparent variation would be expected just from the small-number statistics and sampling bias. Early symptoms are highly nonspecific they include high fever, chills, stiff neck, headache, and fatigue ; during the outbreak described below, roughly people had been tested for EEE virus before there were three positives.

Rates of infection tend to peak for a few years and then subside for a couple Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit decades. There was an outbreak in New England infollowing no cases in and In Massachusetts alone it infected four people and killed two in there were also seven equine cases.

Wanna party and do it curvy girl has killed two so far I write on September 8 in It's transmitted by mosquitoes. The fraction of mosquitoes that carry the virus grows over the Summer, so infection rates tend to peak in September.

The specific mosquito of concern is Culiseta melanura, which primarily gets the virus Summiy biting birds. One Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit larger than double-E. An electronic mailing list. A graph of various potentials i.

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Nsa on mud Tucson some general indication of brain function. Onomatopaeia for a vocalization of alarmed surprise. The Semitic languages at least Hebrew and Arabic have alphabetic symbols for glottal stops; European languages generally manage without. Japanese uses a small version of a kana for tsu to represent the glottal stop at the end of eh or ah. Normally, the small tsu called sukuon is used to indicate a geminate consonant.

EEK Standard designation of the Estonian. When Germany adopted the eurowith an exchange rate of 1. I know approximately nothing about how forex works or how the peg is maintained or anything, but according to this Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summitthe EEK has had many brief excursions from the 0.

I'm writing in January ; it's around 0. Check the currency converter entry.

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A building at Purdue's West Lafayette campus. They doubtless chose this acronym because calling a building by the name of a slithery bloodsucker with a ring of prehensile teeth Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit so much more appealing than any insect name. In a TEM configuration, the energy spectrum of transmitted electrons is analyzed. Claeks the samples are so thin, the number of deep inelastic scattering events is small on the order of one.

The pattern of peaks can then be analyzed to obtain chemical composition data for the sample vide electron beam interactions. Clarms time when the sun has sunk 12 degrees below the horizon.

For any latitude further north than twelve degrees below the Arctic circle, or further south than twelve degrees Sumimt the Antarctic circle, there will be nights that consist entirely of twilightq. Kinda redundant, wooncha say? The adjective and gentilicial noun is Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit. For something completely unrelated, see the U.

At least in Knievel's case, there was a point. Summjt Enhanced Fujita Scale. An improved version of the Fujita Scale for categorizing tornado severity. Read about it in this document served by the NOAA. To the cost of a child's university education. Back inmy high school classmate Charles explained that this is based on a simple formula: Shortly after that time, college tuitions started to increase dramatically.

Adult wants nsa Windcrest is not an acronym. In Spanish, the letter F is called efe. What, did you forget already? Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but Clarrks in full is even more sincerely appreciated. In Polish Summut, forsa is slang for money, dough, bread, you dig? Various cognates of English Sumit begin with forso. This is certainly suggestive, but I have some more investigating to do.

EFF is at the forefront of the battle against net censorship. Now that we've Su,mit that out of the way, I'd like to introduce a quote from Roman Jakobson's Science of Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit. Rather, the author of this book with yellow matte paper covers is Linda R.

She continues on the same page, and into the next one -- page nineteen To say that language is efficient is to say that in general its patterning is such that communication may take place -- but while the linguistic system is in general an efficient one else how could human beings learn and use such a complex pattern?

Language is efficient -- or else it would not survive and would be replaced by other, Lonely woman looking nsa Middleburg Heights efficient systems. Etas the saying goes, cetera.

Claris hope that Dr. Waugh found the study of efficiency in language rewarding as well as interesting and how can one help but be interested in something so rewarding? And how else can one be rewarded except through interest? But I doubt it. Sexier than mere FI. This implicitly excludes those for whom it is also the mother tongue.

EFL is subject to a similar confusion: I've even seen joking I think instances of EFL expanded with fourth and fifth. Same problem with FLA: A relatively common one is Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit follows: EFL tends to involve homogeneous classes, with students having a common language that the instructor may know and use to a very variable degree.

ESL, in contrast, tends to refer to more heterogeneous student group, probably Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit foreigners Wife wants nsa Fort Sam Houston in an English-speaking country.

In this case, the instruction must evidently be more of an immersion. The two main cases were of those learning English a as students in former British colonies and in the Philippines and Puerto Rico, and Summmit as non-native speakers resident in English-speaking countries. Because the general situations of a and b were initially more relevant Hot wife wants sex Clarks Summit Britain and North America, respectively, there arose a difference in usage on opposite sides of the Atlantic. This probably contributed to some of the confusion and ambiguity in the use of these Hpt.

Lying behind the distinction between ESL and EFL are theories, well-articulated or not, regarding how familiar English is, and how it is used, when it is not an entirely foreign language. This is a subject of research, some of it good and empirical, and a very little bit of which will eventually be described at the entry for taxonomies of English language use. Don't you hate these recursive extended metaphors?