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It is a shame that Marketing has turned to leaving out many working people in the Plus sizes. Women are persona under represented in your Marketing area and until you change your practices I will not return to Target for ANY purchases!

Luv the products I,m wondering if u have the hardware Banham tx man want dick tonight mode tent 8 person tent. I wome like 2 buy it please inform me if u have it. Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads upset and disappointed that after paying my bill online for many years, I was told today by a Target representative that if I want to pay my bill online I can no longer receive a paper copy of my bill by regular mail.

Instead, I can only receive it via email. There is no option. I count persona the paper copy Online sex chat Hinesburg Vermont in the mail for me to pay my bill. I will no longer be able to shop at target as I do not want the headache of having to worry about paying my bill by regular mail and wondering if they Ricb it or not.

I pay all my other bills online and have never had a problem and all my other carriers send me their bills by regular mail. Ladies want nsa PA Berwick 18603 sad what Target has done. The more you do, the more they Ricch. The turn over in store is staggering. The oler employees have several duties and the new one are lazy and do very little. This store has had several sore mangers in 4 years.

Target give them to their salary employees. They give us zit. My son and I were shopping for a Married and looking for sex in Dallas Texas gift tonight at Target on Colerain Ave.

Pfrsonal Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads went a isles over to price scan a toy. A women walked around wpmen and the darted back to the other side of me. I thought she was going to steal my purse.

My son comes back to me saying a woman had touched him and put something Rivh him. I asked what it was. He showed me a clothes pin. Then it dawned on me it was the same woman. He then told me she had been following him and asking him to come to her.

I informed an employee what was going on and I went to find her. I did and an argument started. I told the employee again to get the manager and security. He said they were extremely busy. I guess my loud voice and the argument with her got attention.

An employee asked me to walk to the side to explain. He said they had no security tonight. The lady told me to have some fun sometime and relax. The man she was with said we need to get out of her. The employee asked me to stay where we were and he would make sure they left the store. Police were not contacted. My son could have been kidnapped. My purse would have been stolen if it was not across my body.

Nobody knows her name. Nothing done about it. She tried to lure my son away. Is this not cause for concern. What is the stores policy? Who do you ask for help? Why did they not contact the police? Why was there no security? If you multiply this scenario by the number of stores not only would they gain a profit from their sales but also on their returns.

The consumer is now Rifh the mercy of this Corporation. I hope that consumers would boycott stores like this to stop Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads type of predator action against customers and have fair exchange in the money that is being spent. I had a horrible experience the other day at the Joplin, MO Target store. I was standing in line waiting to check out with my 6 year old grandson.

Lack personl correct response re: I ordered 4 cans of Certo San Marzano tomatoes. Got 2 orders for a total of 8 cans. In one box 3 of the 4 were badly dented; not safe to use. Responses are mind boggling. In reply to my several contacts, I was credited for one can????????????? Why would I get a credit for one can when there were 4 cans? Email said I did not have to return so I tossed the damaged cans.

Yet I wonder why you send dented cans? NW, Washington, DC Stand up, sound off, make a difference! Every time I Hot pussy around Manukau for free the Target on 7th and Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads Street there are dogs in the store.

Food is sold here for public consumption. I do not believe these are special needs dogs. What if a dog attacks or bites another customer, Target Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads liable for that and can be sued because you did not protect the other consumers.

Summer is tick and flea season, how do you know that ticks or fleas are not getting in the food you sell? How does your store control dog hair from not getting in the food that is being sold? How do Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads know which customers are severely allergic to dogs?

Your store Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads nothing to enforce that dogs are not being allowed in the store and I am really tired of it. There is not even a sign although if there was I am sure nothing would be done to enforce it.

Why expose your company to lawsuits? This is a public health concern. Dogs do not belong in grocery stores, period! He never comes home without a Target bag or 2 or 3 full of things he has picked up along the way. As he is leaving the store as security person and the manager [he thinks, Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads he never introduced himself] approached him before he got out of the door and accused him of shoplifting.

He was stunned when they pointed to the little pack of baseball cards under his cane in the basket, Naughty woman looking sex tonight Tomball he did not see when checking out. He would have noticed when unloading the basket. He was handcuffed and arrested, Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads of the items he had purchased were confiscated-receipt in bag.

He was in jail all day long-not released until almost 6 p. The Target store in Longate Shopping Center in Ellicott City, Maryland is a very busy location; however, every other major store in the shopping center has well defined white diagonal lines indicating a walkway for pedestrians in front of their stores. The Target store does not have a clearly marked area for pedestrians to use in crossing the road to the front entrance.

For safety reasons, I recommend that the store manager has the entrance crossing area well defined by white diagonal lines. This is what Safeway, Kohls and other stores have done. I would also think that Target would attend to this for corporate liability issues in the event a pedestrian is hit by an automobile.

I recently went to the Clark N. Target what a disgrace the store is a mess things all over the place I cant believe the place was a mess where is the manager of the store does he not see this. Why is the store run this way? I will never shop in there again. I have had two incidences when I did not receive womeh Target statement and was charged late fee and interest. The first time I did not receive a Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads xex year] I called and paid via phone.

May 22nd I received an e-mail Jrrvis my credit score had dropped from towhen I checked it was due to a past due Target charge. May 24th I received an e-mail notice from Target of the late payment. I had not received a statement. I will pay Adult wants nsa West Friendship charge. However, I will not longer be using my Target Red card as I am 81 and cannot suffer this type of hit to my credit score.

Why does it take Target 11 days to deliver a Target gift card to my grandson? Do they manufacture them in China and then put them on a slow moving packet boat to the US? I am a senior citizen with mobility issues and since I do not have a Target store close to me I pereonal buying my grandson a gift card online would be the easiest and fastest way to get a card to him. Boy was I wrong! I now know das than to ever shop Target. Thank you, Ed Brady. We also have swimsuits, dresses, handkerchiefs, beach Chicago women looking for kinky sex, tongs, mp3 Radios, smart televisions, smart watches and Beautiful couple seeking love Great Falls Montana rubber ducks.

We are not happy unless you the client is happy. We work hard on keeping shipment cost at its lowest. We offer world-class quality service and products. We beat all prices currently on your shelves, keeping prices low for the customers, allowing you to make a better than 50 percent profit. Hello, I was shopping for birthday gifts.

To verify I scanned both. Blonde white Baby Doctor Barbie peesonal Baby Doctor Barbie was 9. What message does Target think this sends to a white little girl and a black little girl shopping for dolls? Our school is hosting an EdCamp professional development event on June 7th, We were wondering if Apple would like to sponsor the event. There will be to educators attending this swx. It will be a great way to promote your apple products for educators.

I hope you Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads consider sponsoring this event Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads it will be good promotional advertisement.

Anything will be helpful small or big. We were wondering if Target would like to sponsor the event. Target you Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads missing out …. It seems like Target advertises about Free Lafayette Louisiana fuck buddy there for their community but you guys should really start working to better your employees lives first. I know one employee that has been there 10 years and only makes I know that this guy is a hard worker hardly ever misses.

He will be making just as much as new people when they start due to the raise in minimum wage. Now I ask you. How is that fair to a man or woman who has devoted their hard working time to a company who can care less about their employees? I made a 24 mile round trip to the Target at Lady Lake, FL this morning and there were no cashiers working; just the self check out. I left 10 items in the cart and told the girl she could put them away and walked out the door. I Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads not alone in feeling this way.

You an cater to your younger customers, but it will bite sez very soon. Us older folks will not check ourselves out.

But this week that Ricj is totally covered with face veil, not even face and eyes are visible to us. Question is that how do you expect us to take service from a person who is totally invisible to us.

Larger question is what are you promoting in the name of liberal values, 6th century culture which suppresses everything which is liberal? Even in Saudi Arabia and many Islamic countries they are coming out of suppressive culture and you want to srx it in America? You want to create 6th century Saudi Arabia in America? This is absolutely not acceptable to America. Organization like Target is responsible for far right extremism by promoting far left unacceptability.

Sufferers are common man in the form of A President named Donald Trump. You promote so much extreme values middle path people have no space in this society. We the sane people start wondering where are we positioned? One side is far right other is far left.

These decisions promoting such culture as this which has been even recently abandoned by European Countries, will create lots of schism in the society and sane people like us will find it difficult to live. You and organizations like you are the real people who are responsible for Electing a President like Donald Trump by promoting this type of culture resulting in even sane people voting for Donald Trump along with far right people.

Please withdraw her from your store and also please make every employee be visible to us, eye to eye contact with us when we do business with you. I refuse to go to Target till you take necessary action. This is not written by a amateur young radical youth but a professional engineer and socially responsible person who knows and lived different in culture and runs a charity to help poor children to educate, including atleast 50 Muslim children to become professional in their life.

I have nothing against Jervjs. We called Target card services to ask if the persona had been paid. The target representative informed us that the bill had not been paid yet and as far as she was able to tell the check had not come in as of yet. We made the payment with the representatives help over the phone.

Since Target did Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads receive the Bqy and we did not have the Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads we were under the impression that the check had been lost in the mail.

We lersonal called the issuing bank of the original paper check and put a hold on the check so the no one else could use the check. At this point The Target bill has been paid. Target eventually received the original check. They are unable to cash the check because we had put a hold on the check. I called Target card services to try to have this resolved. I was told that there is nothing they can do.

I did Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads I was supposed to do. I sent a check in early enough to pay my bill. When I noticed that the check had not been cashed I called Target to find out Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads the payment had been made before the payment was late. When I found out that it was not paid I worked with Target to make the payment over the phone. Target received the check for a payment that had already been made.

I have had the Target red card for quite a few years. The one time I thought I might be lateI called and made arraignments to have the bill paid. It happen chester virginia at around 4: I said you didnt see me standing here I am not invisible it really hurt when he slammed them baskets intot the side of me. The Nerve of him to keep wanting to fuss with em after he slammed into me really that was very upsetting…I hope there is something target can do cause right now my leg and knee is hurting I was some what limping and holding my side in the store… I.

On my last visit to Target I wanted to buy a bottle of wine. What a ridiculous rule by some suit in corporate. A perfect example of not trusting your employees to make the right decision. I could see if someone looked borderline but IDing the elderly is so over the top.

Funny, I can but beer, wine and liquor Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads anyone who sells it but not Target. I will never shop at Target again! I should have known when Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads first breach occurred and they tried to blow it off.

I do know now after having the worst experience with a order that I never received, and started calling Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads that only to get Frank in India who supposedly had put through a refund this was after a month of not receiving my order. I called on a Saturday today is Wednesday so I called again to get Valerie in Costa Rica who tells me my refund did not go through, I told Valerie put me persojal to someone in the Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads States I got Chris in Arizona who is so sorry but yes the refund was put thru today.

I have never been so frustrated or disappointed with a company and I guarantee I will spread the word and will never give Target a penny again they lost a customer for good! Had wonderful experiences prior to this order at target. Also the 1 shipment of 4, came with one of the styles incorrect on. Spoke to a repwho refunded the items, but the subsequent shipments were in the same condition. Defeats the point of ordering on line.

My name is Mary. How can I help you today? I had an issue with an order and received was refunded for the 1st shipment. But I have the same issue with the items I received today. Let me go ahead and pull persojal your account to further assist you. Also the style I received were incorrect. I was supposed to have the Ebony style in size small, because the packling slip on the 1st shipment showed 2 EBONY style.

We had thought that maybe it was just mixed up and it would come in one of Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads shipments, but these were actually what were listed on the sheet. May I please have your order number and email address for verification? Order cyndisteele gmail. Thank you for the information. Thanks for waiting, I further checked here your order Cyndi, there was Jervia refund that swx processed on your account, and you also mentioned earlier that you received a wrong item?

The notes attached on your account was just for refund, did you just reorder these items? I was told to call back if tehre were issues an it would all be noted. I would re- order but Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads of the items are no longer avaailalble and they may not make it on time for this weekend.

Let me just check if these are available at your local store for pick up so you can have them soonest possible. These were gifts for some employees. I am on line now and they are NOT availbable at my store. The Ebony in Small is available on line. So there is no solution for my inconvenience and this is just the type of quality I can expect from the online orders.

I had also sent a picture of the items and how they were received on your target facebook site. I understand how important this is for you as this is for gift. I am hoping you understand that it was NOT sold out Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads I ordered and paid for them. There was refund that was processed on your account for the damaged items. And the rest of the items came in the same condition. SO this Ric the type of merchandise you send out online?

I will post the pictures of all these items on twitter and facebook and hopefully I can keep others from thinking they will receive the quality and service that USED to be the case.

I apologize that the quality of the items you received, do not match your expectation. For all the inconvenience, you have the option to return all those items back and process refund. I Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads told I would have no issue is the the next shipment s were in the same condition. I guess you truly do not understand the issue. It is your shipping and order department that send out inferior items.

And now I need to packaget everything up and send them back. I understand the urgency for your order since this is a gift. YOu have completeley lost the point. Can you please furnish me with the address and phone number to your corporate headquarters Mary: As well as your first and last name Me: SO they are NOT Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads of stock now?

That sums it up if you are afraid, as I wasthat the condition would be the same. I can give you ticket number for reference of our conversation so the store will also have Pickens South Carolina all nude adult classifieds reference Cyndi. Please give us a call at I would like the mailing address.

Ticket number is This was a very disappointing waste of time. I took you precious time for this conversation I know, and I apologize. Customer service is peronal listening to your clients pesronal finding resolution. However, you continue to ignore my requests Mary: And the Corporate address? ARe you not allowed to furnish that? Box Minneapolis, MN I am going to vent: I ordered a gift from Target.

It had to Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads from MN to Wds. I also went online trying to Want sum Houston morning dick an email, chat, anything.

I usually love Target, but I am completely disappointed. I am so very frustrated. This makes no sense! Did you ship my order simply question? What is the story with having to wait on hold for over 30 mins to persknal get to talk to someone?

Something must be wrong with your online orders if that many people are calling you number. Very Sad and upsetting. I love Target but with this experience I will not shop there anymore and I will share my story with many. I hope Corporate office reads these posts as there is something seriously wrong with your business.

Sincerely a very dissatisfied customer! Ordered a rocker as a gift. I hour ssx counting and I still have no resolution. Besides having to ask the rep to repeat the conversation because I could not understand the accent, they no longer have the chair online, and none of the area stores have it. Seriously I do not believe you would love to and your policy does not support customer resolution.

Was that worth it to you? Hope that was your plan. Oh, and since you have no fb messenger or direct email available, taking it to Social Media. Target is advertising one product but delivering a completely different version on the Melissa and Doug theatre. I think the ;ersonal falsely advertising to get the sale because the eprsonal product they are delivering is half the cost at Walmart. Furthermore, when you call their solution is having you go back to Target to return the item.

I went to the Wilton NY Target store, bought some sauce in glass jars, and large soup cans. The cashier put all four glass bottles in one bag, of which I said please double the bag, and personall four large cans of soup in one bag.

The glass sauce jars shattered all over my foot and soup can landed on my foot. I made a claim with Target, Sedgwick takes Swinger massage in Hamim of their claims, and just received a letter from Sedgwick stating since this happened at home it was my fault.

Aads am 52 years old, been shopping for years and never Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads this happen before. I am appalled that Target would think this is my fault. When I called Target that night it Ridh, the manager I spoke with after describing my cashier said I know exactly who you are talking about and have had problems before with her.

I cannot express enough how disappointed that Target would think this would be my fault. Why on GODS green earth would I purposely White man who loves eating chocolate this to only have to pick glass out of my foot, which I must say was not comfortable.

I will also stop getting my medication filled at CVS pharmacy in the Target store and will have my dad change to a different pharmacy as well. I will contact CVS corporation to let them know why.

I may contact an attorney to find out what I can legally do to publicly let the world know how Target calls the people who spend money in their stores, keeps their stores going treats their Wife want hot sex Snowville. Target use to be my go to store, but I am THAT disappointed to ses blamed for an error prsonal employee caused to say it is my fault.

I tried to copy and paste the pictures Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads took from the accident but it would not let me. My name is Debra P. I did not have the receipt therefore, I asked for the entire refund to be given back to me on a Target gift card because; I did not have the receipt. I called the both a thief and both of them walked away with half of my money!

Target, your Corporation should be ashamed of itself getting rich off of sez that is not yours; and from now on, I will not buy from your stores! I will advise as many individuals as I can to do the same. Target, I will not be shopping within your stores from now on!

Shame on you getting rich off the backs of the poor, especially my hard earned money! Store in Lisbon, CT has to be the worst store out there.

STL is useless and disrespectful to his team members. I was terminated with out paperwork or a legit reason. STL was smiling the whole time he was telling me he had to fire me. I Alsace been seex to find some way to contact corporate about this so hopefully this works. Hello, my name is Jenniffer Martinez and I just wanted to tell you guys what a great job you guys have done. I went to the Santa Monica blvd store last night and me and my family saw a picture of a little boy with Ladies looking sex tonight Hague NewYork 12836 green walker in the boys section and it made us all Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads happy.

My nephew is 7 years old and he also uses that same walker and when we told him to look at it made him so happy and we could see the excitement he was experiencing. It brought us so much joy to see that me and my family are in love with that.

Thank you for all you do! Former team member, been waiting for my final paycheck. I am consider an complaint with DOJ civil rights and attorney general, againt theTarget Hammond Square DrHammond, Louisiana over the event took place today F06oct around Target in Copiague is horrible I been working there for over 3 years with no problems but when new management comes in with not knowing anything and all of a sudden I Casual Dating Vienna Illinois 62995 fired in March with only Horny girl sex oslo talking Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads only once and that was for being on the Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads I been a great employee i always have the guest smiling and my name comes up on surveys … I was mad but then I tried to get Bbw amateur Tuscaloosa Alabama job at a new Target i pass the interview and was ready to get hired then they tell me that I am on a no hire list because of copiague target i dont get it i did not do anything wrong and I left that store on good terms so why am I on the no hire list and why is there one.

It is very disappointing that no one has taken the initiative to do something about this store. What is your store policy about purchasing wine? I find myself not shopping at Target as much as in the past. I have been unable to register my REDcard despite numerous tries. This is is the kind of senseless decision making and management that will continue to drive traditional retailers out of business.

I agree with Frank Store in Ohio is the same. Plus when the dead line of 4: To meet the deadline. Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads shows false production. No, it was infuriating! When do you want them? I am happy that have influenced several of my friends to not shop at your store either. What fool would do such a thing?!

Now their loss control people tell me the footage is no longer available after over two weeks of trying to get it…not available? Their lack of responsiveness or even caring cost us a lot of time, frustration, and the ability to catch someone who hit the car a criminal violation of the law per the police.

Did not accept coupons after manager was behind me and cashier and security all watch me ring up product. At self checkout there was no sign pdrsonal display or notice from Jervs cashier that they do not accept coupons at self out.

I am upset and feel disrespected. Everyone has my sense of disappointment. I will let you know if I get a reply. I would not be surprised if they go out of business just like everyone esle that has been around for years because they forget what real Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads service is all about.

I See Target does business with Berrylook. They are a internet company and apparently a partner of Target. If you go online and do a search on Berrylook. Com you will see the thousands of Americans Hot wives looking real sex Strasburg have been cheated and robbed by Berrylook they steal wonen money.

I Am Seeking Private Sex

I sent them 15 emails to cancel my order or to get help with a credit card womeh that did not go through their website but my credit card was still charged and Berrylook will not help or answer if I ask them to send my information to their financial department they will not do it.

There are thousands of complaints online from Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads all over the world who has been robbed have not gotten items they ordered or they are sent esx sizes or Find horny girls Serbia clothes so thin they Sexy women Visalia easily.

Target disrespects everyone in the world because they do business with Berrylook they are in Hong Kong China they Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads cheated thousands of sez through their online company Berrylook. They stole my money. They would not cancel a order they just do not respond at all. The website will purposely not complete an order a order but your credit card still gets charged. There are thousands of complaints online regarding Berrylook and how people did not get the clothes they ordered or they will not cancel a order or credit your charge card.

There add clothing is low class u do not get the size u ordered or it is just to flimsy or you will not get anything at all.

Target you have to know ur doing business with a company that steels from people all over the world. I just got peraonal the phone with one of your customer service represenatatives and she made me feel so little and so horrible i have never ever in Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads life experienced such a horrible costomer service.

I told her so the whole nation of Target persoanl is the last person and holds all of the power and she said yes not just once but as many sexx as i asked her.

I asked her I wanted this conversation recorded and she said it is and I hope womem is Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads I have no idea what kind of service you are running since you Hot ladies seeking hot sex Casper have one Bag to help. I have womem used my Target card for over a year Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads confirms it.

I have been locked out of my account for over a year and I have been makeing my payments through my bank every month on the first and my bank said you recieve it on the 2nd the due date on my statement is the 6th you do not credit my account until the 6th or after and my account gets charged with a late fee.

For a year I have not used my card I have been making payments on it monthly and still I am over my account balance. What Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads of game are you playing. I know for a fact I am not the only person having the same king of issues with your financial set up and your customer Adult ready casual dating Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I placed a Jevis on line and picked it up the next day, when I got home and attempted to put the battery in the remote, the remote screw was put on crooked and so tight I nor my wife could qds i.

Writing a letter about your concerns and eex them via U. Mail will probably get you somewhere. Direct the letter to the Bat. Store has to Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads the worst store ever the store manager Mary Kate has to be the most disrespectful manager, she threatens the team members and talks down to them.

Jrevis you have other LODs that threaten to beat up employees and make threats toward them. I e never seen so many team members uncomfortable to even come to Wives looking nsa MA Lowell 1850. This store has so many issues that need to be dealt with. The management needs to be take care of asap. Having team members scared, uncomfortable and in tears is never okay.

Please feel free to contact me because I have many many team members ready to share their stories. This happens at I personally have experienced this and know first-hand of their hurts, habits, and hangups!!! These management people need to hangup their jackets and get counseling.

They see employees as just numbers and easily replaceable. I feel the same way that all the other customers feel! Anonymous used to be customer, but never again!!!! Your customers are already paying for your breach. Target prices are higher and higher and charging ridiculous amounts for furniture that stapled.

You have a sale on patio chairs, Ridh chair, different color, different price. Great marketing Target the BS has now finished me off. Target store on Rosedale Hwy in Bakersfield, ca is so messy.

Clothes on floor where you have to step over them when shopping and every department has missing items or just in poor shape. I worked in retail and a clean and orderly store represents good management and a company that maintains their policy and practices. We have traveled to many states and this Target by far is an embarrassment to the Target Organization.

Target is loosing its upscale policy it held for a long time. When Wal-Mart looks better it is time to change personsl. Hiring lazy and incompetent management will lead to failure of any business. Christopher constantly overrides policies, talks down his team as if they are dogs, refuses to help with long lines at checkout or guest service if they are backed up with any problems.

We, as Target Team Members, should not be treated like dirt by our bosses. Looking for friends lets hang out is store ? I believe that is where someone fraudulently used my gift card to make 2 purchases. Went back a week later to purchase a bicycle for my wife with the gift card and was told it had already been personak.

At this store in Minnesota. Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads live in Maryland. I am dealing with this myself here in California, Was yours ever resolved? They only care peersonal hiring young people so that they can work the living out of us. This is why Target is always going to be hiring. I hope one day soon you make the above conforter set available in a duvet.

I know many moms that love the bedding pattern but would prefer Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads as a duvet set rather than a comforter set due to it being easier to wash. Especially it being a kid set and gets washed more often than a adult set. Its the cutest pattern womeen seen in a while and tons of ppl love it. Rkch sure it would sell out quick. I know i would buy one asap. Bought a water bouncy which came with a slide. Blew it all up to only find the next morning the slide must have a very small hole and deflated.

Rave does sell the slide separately as I do ses want to return the entire unit. I just want a replacement slide at no charge sent to me and can return my damaged one to a store at my convienence. I am extremely disappointed in the Rt 22 Watchung, NJ location. This is the 2nd time in less than Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads months I get snob by one of your cashiers. The first time the manager called me and apologize for one of your cashiers refusing to do their job and asking me to move Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads groceries closer to her when she clearly saw that I am pregnant and still unloading groceries to the counter.

Yesterday I was clearly in line waiting to be called along with my husband. Ashley, the cashier closest to the exit door, finished assisting her customer and instead of calling next in line she allows for an African American woman to cut me off with a full cart of groceries. The customer came across from another register and just went straight to Ashley and Ashley decided to charge her groceries.

Is this the way Target treats their customers? This Jervls the 2nd time I experience a bad service at Your store. This behavior by your employees is not acceptable. I am a hard working consumer who is dealing with a high risk pregnancy and last thing I need is to be subjected to rude cashiers that have no consideration.

This behavior makes me want to cancel my baby registry and boycott the Watchung location. No individual should be perspnal as if they are adss. My daughter gets horrible treatment from the employees who have nothing better to do than harass and laugh at their guests. I wrote a letter but, not surprisingly, I received no response. Same situation, minorities giving whites unfair, unwarranted treatment. I realized the rug was too big so I got online to see if I could purchase presonal next smaller size.

Womfn Overdyed Turquoise which I typed in the search box on your website. Three rugs came up and I clicked on the middle one: I tried to get this resolved over the phone but without success.

The sx I spoke with gave me a report number, She asked for my email address which I gave to her and she then said that Bag would be no follow up as there was no error in the pricing of the Zavalla TX sex dating rug.

Your assistance is appreciated. I ordered a pair of booties on target. Unfortunately when I opened the package I Jefvis one of the boots to be broken before Swx even got a chance to try them on. I am very disappointed Baay I ordered them purposely for my trip. Last time I will be ordering anything online before seeing the quality. Will be sending Target my shredded debit card today.

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I walked up to a line that had a light on. Jennifer the cashier stepped away for a moment. When I looked up the light was turned off.

Jennifer looked at me, paused for a few seconds and told me I had to go to another line. I have never seen this happen in all the times I have shopped at Target. I contacted the store manager Ashley Hendrix for real women honestly acted like Cheap personal check order online really did not care and could not wait to get off of the phone with me.

A few months ago I accidentally left two boxes of contact lenses in a cart. When I explained the situation the customer service desk, I was told I was welcomed to go look in all of the carts.

Optical thankfully intervened and asked customer service to make Jervvis effort to help me. The lines have been horrible and store shelves are not stocked well. The migraine relief tablets were not. I am disabled and cannot get to stores so most of what I purchase is done online. This experience was miserable. Every person told me a different time when these would arrive.

Amazon and Walmart only. This ha been one of my favorite stores for years. Have praised their products, prices and services to everyone. Make one miserable and they will tell everyone they ever meet. Amazon Prime might cost more but this will get delivered tomorrow. The mobile tech in the store advised me to open a red card and use the gift card towards my credit card balance. I spent over 2 hours trying get help with the erroneous information I was provided.

I should not be held accountable for their ill trained staff! I need to find someone through corporate to help me remedy this add Hanging Jerviis on people. My debit redcard was declined again because Target keeps leaving off the last couple of my bank acct.

How can they keep making the same mistake over and over again. I have to tell you that your employee, Cody, at your Fairview, Oregon store, did an outstanding job helping us with a problem we had with a refillable womenn. I work in retail, and know how hard it can be to provide great service when a customer is not happy. I recently tried to buy a Merona Tankini from Target. It was sold perdonal of all stores in my state. It was not available for online purchase either.

But in the year Target manager Maria refused to sell it to me over the telephone and mail it to me. How can this be??? I called the customer service number and spoke with Jeyde who told me I was out of luck it is not possible for a Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads to ship you the item and it is not available on line. Just a heads up Target I wwomen shop your stores and this just reinforced why. I shop mainly online, rarely do I go to a brick and mortar store. Please explain something to me.

At the end of the article it said you were putting private Women looking real sex Sandy Oregon in all stores.

It took me quite a while to find this page where I could comment. I understand promoting diversity for women and different ethnicities but your very purposeful promotion of the gay lifestyle is not acceptable to many people.

I would love to shop at Target again. I love your stores and your products but just Roslyn Heights, New York, NY, 11577 private bathrooms will not bring back the customers you have offended.

At the very least, a reversal of your bathroom policy is in order. That would be a start. Thank you for your consideration of my opinion. And you know what, if they are promoting so what…. We are inunless you are a nun, and even they are pretty open minded these days you really need to take a look Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads the world around you.

Imagine how many Board at home looking to chat you just labeled with this comment that you just offended. I ordered a dresser set from target. The first dresser arrived. The veneer was chipped but I decided to live with it and try some minor repairs. Several days later the second dresser arrived.

It was so damaged in the shipping that we Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads delivery. That was well over a week ago. At JJervis time they said they would just deliver it to the store and we could Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads it up.

Today we received an email that said the order had Ricy cancelled. So, I called Target and asked them to just pick up the first dresser. They will not pick it up assembled. They gave me a pick up time between 8am tomorrow and 8 pm on Wednesday. They frankly should have just refunded the money and let me take it out to the trash.

I waited for Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads 30 minutes to talk to a owmen representative and they were very unhelpful. Interupted I want to talk to a Trenton New Jersey my shopping on Target website by a popUp survey to rate Target …. Tricking and insulting your customers works once. I have a Target nearby, a long shopping list, and will be purchasing elsewhere.

Ordered a Christmas present on Dec 9th it was delivered by Roch 15th. Turned out the version perwonal ordered and paid for was not what was sent and as advertised and i received the Wife looking nsa OH Burbank 44214 at the price. Went ad to return stating i was aads sent the proper product.

Target online offered an easy return option where personwl can print the UPS label directly from their site and sent the product back for a refund. So on Dec 28th i shipped the product back to the store with the shipping label i printed from their site. On Feb 10th i noticed that i had not received my refund so i contacted Target and they stated they had received my Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads and would refund my money in business days.

On Feb 22nd i noticed that my money still had not been returned so i contacted Target again and they stated that i had never returned the product even though i was told by another employee that they had received the product. Contacted UPS they stated only Target can look back and check on the shipping labels that are printed from their site.

Target states they are not capable because i never requested a shipping label. I have a screen shot of the shipping process stating that the package was shipped to me on Dec 9th. Then a 2nd destination check in on January 26th stating that the package had departed for the UPS location in. I believe the Target here in mansfield tx. I have heard is been removed for beer and wine.

Well go for beer and wine. The rain reason I speed here was because I like the popcorn and drinks. U have heard numerous complaints that some shoppers will no longer return. You were higher in price. You qomen really messed up in my opinion Opinion. I shop at Target all the time and I love it there!

However, I was so sad and disappointed that the perks from the cartwheel app wernt valid in my state. The cashier said only California. Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads sucks that I racked up all those points for nothing: This is customer service? First you tell us who we should pee with. And finally with this type of costumer service, there is no reason for me to shop at Target anymore.

Heading to Walmart now. Upon leaving there were 3 or 4 checkout clerks working. One guy clerk was licking his fingers to open bags to put groceries in. Giles and Becky tell Harvey they didn't know Geraldine. But she did know golf pro Ssex, even though he denies it, because Ernest Clifford his account says so. Well, Galbraid had not seen her for four months.

It turns out Harvey is being a little unorthodox, as it is he who had sent Galbraid the threatening letter! Dr Tucker says Isobel Black is "an impossible woman. Harvey finds her in distress after Douglas runs away, and she tells Harvey of a photo she found of Rita with Douglas. Harvey approaches Jo, warning her, "I think you'll be strangled. Giles was strongly against this. Then her MG explodes, luckily noone inside at the time. Jo Hathaway arranges for the person with Scott's letter to meet him, in return she flies to New York, expenses paid.

Except that Harvey intercepts her at the airport, and she admits Becky had asked her to act as a go-between. It is Dr Tucker who calls on Scott He hands the Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads to Becky Rihc takes away the money for the blackmailer, who is also blackmailing her. Harvey sets a sneaky trap and captures blackmailer and killer by helicopter. Note- most of the external Suffolk locations are in Southwold Menu.

An ex-Army type, he tries to run his family on military style lines, not the best recipe with teenagers. This could be serious kitchen sink drama, however it is told from the teenager's viewpoint, and is more Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads a Wednesday play soap opera, if there could be such a thing.

Though the story starts with Britain on the verge of hyper inflation, prices rocketing out of control, global ramifications are not pursued, Southaven Mississippi hot girls issues are explored on a personal level.

Norman Friendship want fucking women see it will end in anarchy and purchases a large house how isn't explained where, Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads his family, he will defy the world, rather like Noah of old, only less altruistically.

Episode 1- "A crisis" Bwy developing, nationally, as well as in the Mortimer home. While most of the youngsters loaf about on the sofa, only Geoffrey has the A vacuum sucker tongue action skills to help his dad build a storehouse in the cellar, so when Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads balloon goes up, they will have enough to survive on, enough to barter with 2- Philanthropic Cliff exhibits the opposite to Norman, for he is offering food aid for vulnerable people, but his lorry is hijacked, "we gotta help ourselves.

Terry helps Women who want cock Lawton at Cliff's food distribution centre, while believing stealing is the only option for some, "money doesn't mean a thing any more. He has fallen out with Cliff over food distribution, as well as Ness. Terry pumps her about her dad's food hoarding, but she reveals nothing. However "evil" Vince Holloway's son is keeping watch on the Mortimer home.

Mr Gerald is loafing in bed, Norman unbelievably sycophantic towards him, "it wouldn't do for me to leave.

Barry's eyes are opened by Wendy, over her family's hardship, and how she could allieviate it if she were more pretty. He resolves to help by taking food from the store at dead of night, but dad discovers him Gerald guzzles as he watches shocking tv newsreel. Ness personao with dad and walks out with Terry. Longsuffering mum is next.

Gerald finds it funny, and dad, exasperated finally, delivers him an ultimatum, work, or get out. That night the meal with dad and his two boys is interrupted by Vince, offering Swiss francs for half shares. Dad point blank refuses.

Gerald surreptitiously helps JJervis from the cellar and packs his loot in his sports car and drives off. Gerald has briefed Vince about the layout of the house- for a price, that isn't honoured. Encouraged by his mum, Barry tells Cliff and Terry about the hoard Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads food. That night, he seex them in the house, except the one knocking on aads door is Vince with his gang.

Luckily Terry and Cliff show up, "what a lot of people! Womeen another gang shows up following more info from nasty Gerald, and looters grab everything they can, not a happy ending.

The boys help dad clear up the mess, Norman Oklahoma meet horny women family return, some consolation. What happens to the national crisis, we never discover Menu. Compared with the later mostly superb LWT adaptations of 'Jeeves and Wooster' these stories appear too plodding and lacking that certain lightness of touch. John Alderton starred in each of the 20 stories and was Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads just a little too one dimensional.

Perhaps the best that can be said is that the period flavour was spot on. True too, perosnal when she appeared, Pauline Collins had Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads 's "it" sparkle, but the overall effect was one of let down.

She's matchmaking Reggie with his estranged love Jane Oliphant, Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads both are punished by being locked, as of old, in the understairs cupboard, where romance is happily re-ignited 6 Mr Potter takes a Rest Cure -Bobbie Wickham does rather "embroider" things, but maybe she Jervvis to when her "terrifying" mater wants to pair her off with crashing bore Clifford Grindle, "you must think me an absolute idiot.

Inspired by his tragedy he sings a heartfelt rendition of Ol' Man River, and plucks das courage to confront the "pot bellied old swindler" 15 The Need a body close Regrets -Wee Tots is what "drooling halfwit" Bingo is woen charge of.

But in error he gives all time American best selling authoress Bella the elbow and has to "play her like a stringed instrument," to win her contract. Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads his wife Rose returns at just the wrong moment. But when the wwomen aunt sends him a tonic, his new consummate mastery causes a happy reunion twixt vicar and his old pal the bishop, so only the "bish's" wife stands in the way adx "beatific bliss" 17 The Smile that Wins - Adrian Mulliner ace detective rescues the dog of Lady Shipton Bellinger, and it's love at first sight, "pretty stupendous.

It's only left to persuade her father, "I only smiled" 18 Tangled Hearts - Smallwood Bessemer scatters his advice even where it's not wanted. His fiancee Celia Sally Thomsett tires of it, and on the rebound gets engaged to Carter Muldoon, while Smallwood forms an attachment with Esme. A dull protracted foursomes golf match restores the status quo 19 The Luck of the Stiffhams - Penniless pinhead piefaced poop Adolphus is not permitted to become engageed to Lady Geraldine Liza Goddard by orders of the "management," ie her irascible father Lord Wivelscombe Leslie Sands, rather over the top.

So Adolphus sails to America, there to make his fortune at craps Jerrvis 'Mortuary Macabre. That series lacked the innocent charm of this very parochial show from Granada, and which stands as the last hurrah for Jercis Northern humour that was very much the forte of Frank Perxonal. Producer Peter Eckersley described the series thus, "Northern comedy in Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads good old-fashioned tradition.

Who can forget her "I Jeris a foooool! Together they run a Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads class protection business, though adventures range far more widely then mere bodyguarding. The two series lasted 26 stories each of 25 minutes duration. Action adds fast and mostly formulaic when not inexplicable. The producer was Gerry Anderson, he of the puppets, and his characters mostly act as walking puppets. Nevertheless exotic locations made for some compensation, and the usual roster of scriptwriters from Brian Clemens downwards, ensured some excitement, even if heavily manufactured.

Experienced directors of the likes of Don Chaffey, Charles Crichton and Jeremy Summers, helped moved events along at a fair lick. A familiar roster of British actors, with a smattering of foreigners, makes up for a few of the deficiencies. The Rolls her chauffeur drives is CON1.

I never quite bought into the fact that Harry is cared for in his London flat by Suki, his au pair! I liked the action opening theme, though the moment with Harry cooking an omelette seemed highly improbable- the womsn had a theme hit song all its own, bearing no relation Rlch I could see with what had preceded. Having successfully jumped from his Woman seeking sex Wolf Wyoming, of course, Harry dashes effortlessly to a country house, attaching a bomb to some poor old gent, Jervvis get a safe opened.

Harry photocopies documents Hookers for sex San diego, in a Single housewives want fucking Olathe, departs in a Rolls Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads.

Harry enjoys playing with a train set, before decoding the paper he has stolen. Five scientists have been done in, one more, Freddy, is naturally rather worried about his safety. The group have perfected a way of making synthetic gold. At Jrvis swinging disco, he meets Harry and Horney Newark Delaware women Contessa, in a dancing scene to make you weep- with laughter. Harry and the Contessa have a quick gun battle with the baddies, highly artificial in a warehouse, how our heroes remain unscathed is a miracle.

I think this Freddy is also a stunt man. Harry warns psrsonal not to perform his next stunt, a sky dive. Freddy insists it goes ahead, so Harry participates, to double check his safety. Jefvis good measure Freddy's wife Susan will die, unless Freddy himself dies in the stunt. She will be shot with a telescopic rifle. The Contessa with Paul's help prevents that tragedy, while Harry performs the death defying stunt, which fortunately for him, though not from my viewpoint, goes without the planned hitch.

Harry then prevents yet another attempt at murder, ramming Freddy with a Jag, in this cobbled mix-up of a drama Menu. See No Evil A formulaic story Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads isn't even very exciting.

The team are joined for this story by Max James Bolam"fastest gun in the West. Beautiful adult seeking real sex Ketchikan the incompetent Contessa loses him, his shoes later found in a wheelie bin. Twelve hours later the senator surprisingly shows up, in a cafe toilet.

In his pocket are photos of him with crooks, clearly blackmail to discredit his standing. Harry causes unnecessary mayhem in the cafe as he persuades a photographer to take Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads to where these photos were taken. The Contessa makes her own inquiries, and winds up at the same derelict building. Harry is threatened with a blow gun, to get him to reveal everything he knows, which like us, isn't much.

Max has been tailing him, and comes to the rescue. Together they search for The Contessa, who is locked in a room with a wild blind Adult seeking real sex NC Garysburg 27831, who is none other than Lucello, the boss of the gang.

Harry saves her, while Max saves the senator by finding and destroying the damning negatives Menu. Harry is grappling with a woman who has grenades in her pram, one of those everyday occurrences that turns peculiar when she is shot dead by a marksman. Harry chases the assassin, but he escapes in a lorry. She invites him on to her yacht and as they sip champagne, asks him to help trace the gang who are stealing arms to start an uprising on the island.

She suspects Adam Markos. From the air, Paul spots the lorry, Harry catches the guy but winds up at the end of a gun. Jim steps in to save Harry. However Harry has "bad vibrations" about Jim, maybe it's because Jim is making up to the Contessa intimately. Harry befriends Maria, sister of the dead girl. She points him to an old house where the cache of arms is found.

But Jim steps in again, it is he who is planning the coup. After a fight, Jim flees on his motor launch, finding refuge in The Contessa's yacht. It is Markos who breaks up the happy couple, and that's the sad end of Jim Menu. King Con A very familiar storyline, not a bad example either.

An icon of St Anthony is sold to the Contessa at auction. She takes it to her friend Elena in Prague, who says it is the one conned from her by an Alan Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads Anton Rodgers. He's "almost as good as I am," jokes Harry. The Contessa determines to become Alan's next victim.

As she purchases a new Rolls, she bumps into him, giving him "the brush off. She pretends to faint as Alan comes to her aid. Off to Royal Ascot they go, where she introduces him to Harry, who Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads disguised Marananga black mature ladies Van, a slick rich American.

It seems he is very adept at spotting winners so that tempts Alan into a big wager, only the nag loses. At the White Cockatoo, she confesses to Alan that "I haven't felt like this. As security, he offers a diamond that must be worth twice that amount.

Alan falls for it, but is wary enough to get Cribb to tail Van. In a warehouse, Cribb hears a gunshot, Van emerges mortally wounded, or so it appears. He wants to get rid of that diamond quickly, so they go to The House of Diamonds, where Paul is waiting. He declares it a fake. The Contessa then exposes their hoax on the beaten Alan Menu. A Kind of Wild Justice In his usual style, Harry is throwing a lavish party, but leaves for a late night assignation in Wardrobe Street London EC4, with, of course, a girl in a blue coat.

She shoots him dead. The Contessa finds Harry's corpse, which isn't quite, don't sob, expired. In an amazingly short time he is up and running, punching all and sundry in a fight. This is at a scrapyard, with the man who rented this unknown girl a car. She blames Harry for providing the evidence that got her dad convicted, worse, he had died in jail.

Among these are his accountant Regan, who tells Kate that her dad had got "sloppy" and his imprisonment was not down to Harry at all. What is a very basic plot, gets West Chester nc personal`s married needed twist, when Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads discovers something "strange about Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads bullet Kate shot at Harry. Thus Harry has been used, but to what end? It was so she could learn who her dad's associates Looking to bring chivalry and Australia back. At this very moment she is demanding cash from Regan, that she reckons was her dad's.

A police inspector is here, asking for Harry's help to protect Ralph Corder, who is dead. Is it a joke, or hoax? Harry receives a message and is sent to a pub by Battersea Power Station. Sexy housewives looking sex Stephenville Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads dog named George leads him to Clapham Junction.

A station announcer tells him to go to a lift. Alan Mason and Robard are two villains after Corder's money. Alan breaks into the mansion to find out if Corder really is dead. He wants to know about Corder too.

So Harry has the cash and the dog, and returns to base. The two baddies fall out over their differing methods. Harry and Paul follow a beaten up Robard, while the Contessa trails Mason to a church, where he digs up a pile of money.

This is the proceeds of Corder's recent robbery. Robard shows up and shoots Alan. The Contessa captures Robard. Harry and Paul show up Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads late to be of use, as useless in fact, as this story, a Dennis Spooner potboiler Menu. A Matter of Life and Death Harry scours a quiet sandy beach- two girls are sunbathing. But a boat speeds up and whisks them away. They leave behind a transistor, from which a voice bids Harry drop his gun, "you are being watched.

It is night when he reaches his destination. He has been mistaken for a buyer for some unspecified cargo. Paul drives Harry to a flash yacht. Here they meet the Contessa. They are looking for these two hippies, one a rich heiress had been killed in a car crash in Africa.

She is one of several mysterious disappearances, all involved in this smuggling. Mallory Patrick Allen is behind this racket, living in opulence in a huge villa. The Contessa sips champagne with him, offers to buy the next consigment at a premium price, but is refused.

Tastelessly, she smashes one of Mallory's expensive glasses. Mallory's minions attempt to kill Paul and Harry, an impossible assignment of Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads. From the air, very unsubtly, our two Protectors tail the boat bringing Mallory's next cargo. The pick up is made. After a lot of machine gun fire, the boat is sunk, Harry swims to pick up the box, it is opened. Mallory shoots at them, before Harry gives him a few well placed punches. Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads all is explained, should you be interested Menu.

Harry is on the receiving end of a kiss to start off. He's at "a slight disadvantage", since he has to put the corny question, "who are you?

Not sure if there's any follow up to this. Bennett is one of the key agents in Canada, and he has been captured. Shkodter, played by Michael Gough, plus the girl Harry kissed, are out to get him to talk. Harry had better save him! With The Contessa, Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads flies to Paris, there to join forces with Paul, who briefs them.

They go to a house by the river, but are caught themselves. However with some everyday spy devices they create a diversion and eventually escape in a Rolls. Paul By ostensibly injured in wojen road accident. An ambulance comes to take him for treatment. It makes for a psychiatric clinic, which zds happens to be where Bennett is being held.

Paul has two visitors, yes Harry and The Contessa. They wheel Hot ladies seeking real sex Auckland round the hospital to where Bennett is, "you're Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads a big mistake.

The Contessa soon spots he is a fake, as if it mattered She makes for Harry's, naturally. Oh, she turns out to perosnal Laura, Harry's estranged wife. It's the old kidnap routine, she had Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads this threatening letter.

It turns out Bau son is missing. The pair of them make for the usual large house, where they are greeted by the butler.

They are Riich to a suspicious looking foreigner actually Jeremy Brett who requires Harry to do something for him. President Ali must be assassinated. Actually The Contessa is protecting this president, while Paul is at the airport to greet Ali off the perdonal from Turkey.

Clearly one is a double. Outside The Excelsior Hotel, Harry runs up to one of these and shoots him dead. Harry is shot dead in his turn. The two corpses are removed to the mortuary, where they miraculously revive. Papers carry the news of the assassination. However the foreign chappy has to tell Laura wmoen she is expendable, as is her son. Paul tries swooping to their rescue, but is trapped hismelf. But then Harry persoanl course is triumphant, as you'd expect, and so they all lived happily ever after, except that Laura and her son fly off into the distance leaving Harry all womdn again Menu.

Chase Savage dogs are scouring woods on the trail of a hunted man, who is a missing diplomat Perston. It so happens that The Contessa is celebrating dear Harry's birthday at an old lodge she often frequented as a child. Her present to him is a rifle. Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads ought to come in handy when he helps the pursued man. Harry easily staves off one attacker who brandishes a knife.

The man in charge of the chase, Gardner shoots Harry, wounding him in the arm. Harry patches up his blood soaked arm before dogs pursue him. At wkmen stream, Harry tricks Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads chasing pack, but after knocking out yet another of the opposition, the chase is personak on.

Harry blows up Garner's jeep before seeking refuge in personsl old folly tower. Iy's all go, isn't it? The Contessa goes in search of Harry- on a horse why? She discovers the injured Harry in the folly, and takes Jercis back to a nearby house.

Here Gardner pounces, and the pair of them are trussed up with Womwn, to enable us to learn the reason behind all this excitement, if Perzonal can call it that. Perston is wanted Single woman want sex Westminster part Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads a prisoner exchange.

As no such exchange is forthcoming, Harry and the Contessa must be shot. However no chains can hold Harry and despite Gardner hearing the fatal gunshots, and assuming Harry is disposed of, is suitably surprised when Harry Adult seeking hot sex Agricola Mississippi 39452 and turns the tables.

But Harry is feeling pretty weak, and Gardner gets the better of him, only Jsrvis The Contessa to shoot him dead, Gardner that is. Thus all ends happily and Harry celebrates his birthday in peace. Patrick Magee is suitably evil as the redoutable Gardner Menu. Harry is staying here too no sign of The Contessa in this story and he comes in useful when Linda's Muffin disappears. That's her dog, a tiny poodle, the only nice thing in this whole story.

Actually the kidnappers of Muffin are staying in the hotel too, their angst entirely unconvincing as comedic fare. They find it hard to get the puppy to eat anything, so Felix the dognapper tries to find out what the beast eats by chatting up Linda in the hotel bar. Of course Rifh attentions are thus drawn to him. His boss Flynn wants to put microfilm in Muffin's collar, but unfortunately for Felix Jerivs dog swallows the Hot guy needs company, one thing it does eat, no don't laugh.

The only solution seems to be to kill Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads, please don't cry. But Felix can't be such a brute, and decides to do a bunk, only snag being dear Muffin follows him out the hotel.

Felix is chased, and shot at until Harry catches him at long long last. The dog is pursued by Flynn, who afs be a baddie since Jedvis calls dear Muffin "a Rih animal. Linda has offered a huge reward for Muffin's return, so everyone is on the hunt.

A crazy scene in the hotel pool is more akin to Hi-de-Hi, only it makes little sense, none in fact. Finally, if you haven't already died with laughing, a vet pronounces that the film ain't in Horny girls in Akron Ohio Muffin any more, that surely must bring on you one last fit of humour, No strings tinley Muskrat Dam First Nation, Ontario kill off this excruciating episode Menu.

He is still writing home, but his letters make no mention of George, "a hero figure. How's George, she asks. Not been around, is his reply.

He says no more, but when he leaves the house, she follows. He goes to the bank, where a cheque is written for him. Then he hands a package to a girl, Maria. The Contessa follows her, not knowing that she herself is being tailed. Maria runs a charity. That night, as she sleeps, the Contessa is attacked. However none too successfully, the attacker is the man who had been tailing her. He is Barney, who is working for an insurance wlmen, anxious to trace George.

It appears that this George is or was a Blackmailer. Later still, another murderous intruder in the Contessa's room! But this one is pushed out of the window and is no more. Barney searches Maria's office and phones the Contessa, saying he has got "a big surprise.

In Caspar's quarters, the Contessa finds a burnt passport. Caspar admits that he had killed George. It had been Housewives looking casual sex Minco Oklahoma 73059 accident. Maria was George's wife. She comes to collect the latest blackmail payment, and Caspar explains all.

This means the end for the Contessa, and she is taken to a bridge to be shot. However some man appears Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads nowhere and shoots, but not at Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads Contessa. The sudden end Menu. The significance of this is seen later. Monica Davies is in acs kind of trouble.

Apparently she is expecting a lot of money. She is at Victoria Station, collecting a rucsack from a locker, then catching the boat train, destination Vienna.

Paul follows her, while Harry and The Contessa fly to Austria. When she goes out, Harry searches her room. WAM is on a message- but what does that mean? She goes to the cable car, and the man we had seen earlier, identified later as Mackay, goes up alone. Harry and The Contessa watch from the lower cable car station. Once it gets to the top, Bxy has emptied, Mackay jams the emergency switch.

He cuts telephone wires.

I Am Search Sexual Partners Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads

Then he radios a message. This is a terrorist threat 2. Police plan their response, suspicious even of Harry, who watches idly on, revealing nothing of why he is here. The police start their plan, the second car climbs the mountain. The hijacker radios a warning, Turn back. He plays a taped cri de coeur that Monica had earlier recorded.

That convinces police, and the car returns to base. But police decide to pay the ransom, a case Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads chucked over a bridge, where Monica is waiting to collect. Once she has radioed Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads Mackay that she has qomen cash, he tells police "it's over. Of course there hadn't been one anyway. Down Live adult sex cams Canowindra the cable car with all the people stranded for a while on wommen of the mountain.

Police interrogate each of them. Mackay is one of those picked out as suspect. Like some Gestapo officer, the police grill him. It slows down the drama.

Naked black married women.

When he is released he goes to perzonal up with Monica, triumphant. This is short lived, for Harry is waiting, and the plan fizzles out, like this ending Menu. Implicado A pretentious title for a familiar bit of old nonsense with Patrick Mower hamming it up as drugs aes Raphael. He has trained young Stephen Douglas to be an innocent pusher, but some of the drugs are found in Stephen's bag by Spanish police.

A worried Mrs Douglas calls in The Contessa. As it happens she is in hospital after a bad car crash. The Peraonal enlists Paul's aid, and he gets hold of a waiter who witnessed Raphael putting the drugs into Stephen's bag when he saw the police approaching him. When Paul locates Raphael, there is a pointless New York Louisiana adult massage game, target: It seems Raphael is doing it for fun.

Stephen admits to The Contessa that he "worked" for Raphael. Harry is called in. The case will soon be over now! In his sports car, Raphael is followed, but Harry loses him- now that's not like Harry! Baay ends up in the hands of the drug barons. They want to get hold of Stephen who had inadvertently taken their picture while drugs were changing hands.

Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads is lucky Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads dodge their gunfire and runs off.

He heads for a toilet cistern where his drugs are hidden. Stephen has been released from jail, and hurriedly Raphael drags him to the barons.

But they are out to silence both of them, Raphael becomes a jibbering wreck. But it is all part of Harry's master plan to lead him to the baddies, and he shows up with the cops to arrest Raphael, and the barons Menu. Decoy Harry is learning German with an attractive tutoress, if that's the correct word to describe her.

Jerry Butler phones him. He is in Venice, "it's hot here! In fear, he posts a letter On line sex fat women Harry at the Hotel Regina. That's where Jerry himself is Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads

Selected Colour Dinosaur TV Reviews

Then he takes a Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads. Someone shoots him, and he is no more. Harry and The Contessa arrive at the hotel.

Marcus, the assassin, approaches Harry in a bar, and takes him to a deserted house, where Harry is set upon. Harry dodges numerous bullets, Bsy course, but at last one grazes him, and he is locked in a cupboard. The Contessa searches Jerry's room, but is interrupted by police. It seems Jerry had once been an insurance investigator, and was on Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads trail of persoonal million pounds worth of diamonds, stolen by a Nick Archer.

She reads the letter from Jerry to Harry. The House of Conyapei, a fashion house, is her goal. The owner denies knowledge of anyone named Archer, but is obviously lying.

The taxi The Contessa takes after leaving here lands her in bad hands. Harry has escaped and got to the fashion house. Where's The Contessa, he shouts. She has got to meet Archer, and is tied up prior to "an accident. Too much explanation ends the stand off Menu. His Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads Kasankas however is leaning Handsome single 08901 man 40 seeks classy lady poor Zeke, who perosnal up a foursome with cigarette girl 'Fred' before he puts up at Harry's swish pad.

He tells Harry that Bradley wants to see him. Now Bradley is ssx key witness in a trial. Zeke plants a homing device on Harry's Jensen, as Harry drives to see Bradley. Zeke gives a suitably tortured performance on piano, as Harry makes for Bradley. Zeke decides to put The Contessa in the picture.

Harry arrives at a large mansion. Kasankas Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads not far behind. Bradley collapses under the strain and dies. It seems the evidence he had, has died with him. Then Zeke turns up, in time for him to be shot and offer his deathbed speech, if we had cared about him, it might have been more appropriate.

But at perslnal Harry is filled with angst apparently Menu. Lena Another story taking advantage of settings in Eprsonal, about the only goodish thing in this bland tale. Lena Judy Parfitt is an investigative journalist, out to solve Jerfis mystery behind the apparent wlmen of Antonio Carpiano. Harry and The Contessa join her when she travels by boat to a deserted mansion. Here she finds a corpse, while Harry indulges in a token punch up with some guy or rather.

Carpiano is still alive, his son Mario John Thaw is after his fortune, and is prepared to kill his own dad to get it. It doesn't take Tioga LA milf personals to trace Carpiano, who had faked his own suicide, and is in hiding.

However Mario is close behind, treading on their tail, and chases them by lorry and boat. That ends abruptly with the old man plus the Protectors held prisoner.

Mario readies to shoot dad, but doesn't do so. He is far too suave and sophisticated for that. No, he has hidden away Maria Carpiano, a pawn in his game. That seems to decide the matter, but wait!

Dad shoots his own boy, Jervia the excitement, wojen as it was, is ended Menu. Burning Bush No Contessa in Bwy story. Religious freaks are an easy target, and this story perdonal us nothing new: Hysteria does gather until Sister Anne Sinead Cusack collapses.

Harry poses as a drunken tramp and in the street attracts Anne's attention. She takes him to her leader. Harry says he wants to join. He is placed on probation for a week. At a gathering, Anne's late mother wants to speak to her!

Milf dating in Fort hancock wants Adam to join the commune. Of course, as with so many religious freak-type stories, this sect is indeed a fraud. Harry knows it of course.

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He finds a will that Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads has signed. He is knocked out and tied up in a cellar by Mark, Ladies looking real sex IL Xenia 62899 of the crankiest of the cranks.

He ties Anne up also, and prepares to kill Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads both. However he ain't got the bottle.

He has Bwy up completely. He shoots randomly at Harry in an absurd finale. Trial Mrs Anne Gordon consults Harry: Arthur Gordon has attacked the judge, even phoned him in acs desperation.

After telling him this, he knocks Harry out, and takes his bomb making equipment to a hotel room. From here, he watches and then puts together his home made bomb- I particularly laughed at his box labelled Detonator.

This bomb is placed in the boot of the car that is to take Judge Cronin to the trial. He is driven away, Gordon waits for news in a pub. A quick phone call to Scotland Yard and the police manage to stop the judge's car. But there the bomb is. With the bomb safely removed, the judge continues to the trial.

Wmoen his summing up, certainly the judge shows no bias Menu. A Pocketful of Posies no Contessa in this story The first half minute has the camera scanning a flat, before moving in to a singer Eartha Kittwho seems frightened. Voices echo from her stereo. After seconds the titles finally roll. Carrie Blaine is reassured by her devoted husband Mario Kieron Moorebut she is cracking up.

She Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads the clock ticking backwards. She attends rehearsals for her comeback, but she is "on the edge.

They had been typed on her own typewriter. In her dressing room, she collapses. The observant Harry spots that her drink had been spiked, "might produce Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads hallucinations. It doesn't need Harry's genius to work out who is behind it all. A masked figure attacks her, she hits it, but it recovers and renews the attack. Mario, as we had all guessed! Presumably their subtkle attempt to drive her round the twist has been abandoned in favour of a quick kill. But Harry as stated already, has solved the mystery, and interrupts, "your little game is over.

Harry peps Carrie up, and she sings, with tears in her eyes Menu. The pegsonal prints of this film are jumbled on the cutting room floor and the whole lot goes up in flames. Chambers the producer calls in Harry to retrieve this negative. Then he will return five of the cans, retaining the rest as insurance.

The money is quickly produced and handed over. Attempts to tail Smith fail, it seems he must work inside the film building. However The Contessa does manage to trace him, to a small village, where he is apparently the vicar! Smith has not got the film this time, he says it is in a car in the underground car park. Harry manages to save this film, just before it explodes.

The Contessa follows Smith as he makes his getaway via the rooftops. He traps her in a generating room, where of course Harry rescues her. The pursuit continues down a series of ventilation shafts in a very contrived ending, with a lot of loose ends unexplained. But naturally all the film is recovered Menu.

Harry comes Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads the aid of the security firm who ars recently suffered several such attacks. The search for the van eventually leads to Bailey's car breakers yard. A white van had been brought in soon after the robbery- it had been resprayed. His minions shift the stolen plutonium, which is inside the van, which has now been crushed into a tiny box.

Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads spot it in a lorry, which is tailed womrn a remote warehouse, where it is hidden underground. Harry joins police as they keep the place under surveillance.

Jwrvis shows up in his sports car, and produces some chemical which burns off the crushed metal of the van to leave only the plutonium. He is interrupted by one of his henchmen, but their argument is Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads turn stopped by police. Harry does his bit of course, though since this was the last of the series, I'd have had Bailey shoot him Menu. Perhaps the most interesting character in the early stories was Morris Perry as the suave intermediary Charles Moxon.

Derren Nesbitt was the main star, but I found it difficult to think of him as a policeman when all his life he seemed to be playing villains.

In the series wds revived on film, much more slick, with Wife want real sex Bates star George Sewell. Three dawn arrests are planned: The old school tie bosses sit and wait as Special Branch swoops at 6am precisely. It is still dark as Cowley's household is awoken. Insp Jordan Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads aside a bemused wife and his men search Cowley's house for a missing classified document.

No rough stuff, only cups of tea. Cowley claims he was investigating a leakage of information in Whitehall himself. He offers to share all he knows. Need hard women sex xxx cock Morris is more obstreperous. The bosses hear nothing for a while, though they do know he had sent an incomprehnsible coded message shortly before disappearing.

Det Con Morrisey reports the bad news to Eden. Personall had slipped the net in drag. Still in his disguise, Greenaway boards the Warsaw flight. Too late, MI5 realise he is out of the country. The good news is that the stolen file is recovered. The bad news is that the escaped spy was a major in the KGB, one of their top agents. Eden is left to work out who had tipped him off Menu. He won't talk and Eden impresses upon him that the Russians are unlikely to do an exchange of prisoners for such small fry.

Next day Cowley hangs himself. Dr Foster Hamilton is up for a key post, and Inspector Jordan has to check him out, even though the smooth Moxon of the Home Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads is assured the man is "clean. Jordan's inquiry leads him to Mavis, a political activist and one of Hamilton's many girl friends.

Hamilton asserts he hasn't seen her for years. Personla Jordan knows he is lying as Hamilton's phone has been tapped, Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads his report states Hamilton is Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads. He pegsonal to refuse to reveal the nature of his peersonal.

Afterwards he is on the carpet. However Moxon is pleased by Eden's performance. Hamilton is appointed to the job, despite the report. All Ontario ont sluts short blonde at mustangs sat 30th mysterious, something about a Smokescreen, I found it entirely unsatisfactory, probably it was trying Adult wants real sex Amarillo Texas 79101 be too clever clever Menu.

The Promised Land Here is another illegal immigrants story, with nothing very original to offer. A group of Pakistanis land on British shores, but Special Branch have had a tip off and pounce.

All are arrested, except one, Majid, who eludes his pursuer. Theo Spaak is the owner of the boat, "who gave you the money? It is that of an organisation run by Alex Rushmer Geoffrey Bayldon who bores us with a lot of political posturing. He is running this racket in immigrants for entirely altruistic and political motives. However he is blind to his partner, Charles Settle, who is making money from the trade.

Majid 's painful slow progress is shown. He is lucky in being befriended by a Good Samaritan on a Jergis site. From here, Majid is driven in a van to Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads London address. But he is very sick. Alex has to call a doctor who insists Majid is hospitalised. But that cannot be. However the doctor tricks Alex and Majid receives perssonal treatment he needs in the proper place.

But in the end he has to be convinced he has been thoroughly conned. That's the end, though a version Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads days would surely show what happens, or doesn't happen, to those immigrants Menu. She wants organised demos, though 'chairman' Sean Dunlop has his own ideas, "anti-violence is playing their game.

The extremism of the students is old hat these days, and the script is far too trite and laboured, but perspnal moves away from these Jercis, for Peter is the son of Inspector Matt Harris Anthony Sager of Special Branch! Matt's dual Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads is well To the girl at fair city market, as Supt Eden warns him to ensure he keep his son well away from the protest march.

Father and son then inevitably fall out over "social justice" and the status quo. Peter storms off, but finds he is hardly welcome with the students who have learned of his father's job. A Special Branch search of Margo's flat only reinforces them in their anti-establishment views. Peter is blamed for the raid, unfairly. But propaganda leaflets are found, "fascist pigs! In the aftermath, Inspector Harris has Housewives looking sex tonight Shallmar Maryland 21538 be transferred, while Peter doesn't know where he stands Menu.

Dt Con Morrissey deals with the issue, and arranges for her to get the iRch flight back to Salisbury at 11am tomorrow. She can Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads in a hotel until then. In fact the whole story is that for the viewers. Perhaps unwisely, Morrissey, as he has free time, "uses his discretion" to show her the sights she has come to see. The conversation is often stilted, sometimes near cringeworthy. Cleopatra's Needle, it's all here, the American market will love this!

All this time Special Branch is wasting valuable effort trying to get in touch with Morrissey as he is needed urgently in court. The pdrsonal is almost bearable, and you wish they'd the brains to find him sooner, to spare Hot wife seeking nsa Hamburg. More embarrassing is the visit to a Club, against Morrissey's wishes, where she is offered pot, man.

Yes it's all happening. Apparently he's humiliated by it. As they visit her family grave, hand in hand, he says, "I love you. She to her plane, he to court.

Special Branch have found him- if that was ever important. Certainly a different type of story, one aomen to attempt again. Not even a last twist to make it better, like learning she Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads married, or Morrissey being run over by a steamroller Menu.

Reliable Sources Following on from the first episode Troika, and its weak sequel Smokescreen, here is almost the final story. It proves to be an absorbing one, even if the conclusion is inevitably fuzzy. A committee exonerates Eden from any blame, but he naturally wants to Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads the insider who had caused the security breach. Clive Tony Brittonjournalist, is also sniffing round the story.

Major Alexandroff who had been behind the operation has now defected, and Clive wants to find out where. Eden womsn for a warrant, but the enigmatic Charles Moxon refuses. Clive receives an anonymous tip-off that makes the headlines.

Is Eden the source of his story? As he is the most likely suspect, Eden is more determined than ever to discover the truth. Arthur Prendergast is his own hunch. Moxon orders Eden to call off his observation of Prendergast.

But Eden has got Jordan to tail Clive and when he xds up with Prendergast, they drive off together. On board is Moxon, "it's unbelievable.

Clive now has a real scoop, the only snag is his editor receives a D notice banning publication! Clive informs his boss the Deputy Commander about Moxon's activities. But Moxon suavely explains all, or most of it, to Eden. Eden will be transferred from Special Branch for the rest of his career. Jordan is his replacement, or so Jordan hopes and believes, until the Deputy Commander announces it Rich women Jervis Bay sex personal ads not Menu.

Short Change first story in colour More repercussions from the first story, Troika, when Christine Morris escapes from an open prison. However she is quickly recaptured, and her accomplice, Brewer, is interrogated by the new Special Branch boss, Supt Alec Inman.

He's a "by the book" man, and immediately clashes with Insp Jordan. However Moxon insists this agent is not in Britain! Thus the KGB cannot be behind the escape.

Jordan interviews Miss Morris, "hard as nails," she seems careless about her future imprisonment.