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Which Professor wants Wichita girl a mockery of Everton trying to make it look as though they've cut an excellent deal for Irish Evertonians. They've still a long way to go before being in any position to tonoght any such Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds with Ryanair happily plodding along flying over hundreds of Evertonians week-in, week-out?

Mr Kennwright, I know you love Everton gonight you will always Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds an Evertonian, but for Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds future of the club, can you move to the side?

Stay on the future board and remain a supporter, but do what you do best - which is? Putting on a show! Put Everton on the world stage promote them. Remain a first class supporter; every supporter knows we need money? The hard way in football has gone Money Talks Tell me? What will Naughty wives wants casual sex Denmark when we move? Lovely ground; same Championship players, and still no money I look at teams like Portsmouth, West Ham, Bolton, to name a few, overtaking our club in everything but support of Evertonians.

Love you for what you have done to put our club where it is today but, if the same continues, tomorrow may be a different story Quality players can only be bought with Black female wanted for Cheyenne male money.

So now we know. So long as you carry on lining their pockets is all that seemingly matters! Where's the ambition, the will to succeed? After reading several recent articles about the standing and perception of our once great club I feel the need to write in and express by views. Under Kenwright, Moyes has gone from being highly ambitious to a man who now seems to accept midtable finishes as being an achievement.

Having watched Everton since the early 80s I have seen a wide variety of teams, some incredibly bad and Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds team wonderfully gifted. It is the dream of finding another team like Kendall's that keeps me coming back week after week. The negative statements by both manager and chairman do no encourage me to dream Yelllow give my children the next generation of supporters the chance either.

What is the genuine chance of them seeing us challenge for the title or even contest a cup final? Little chance bordering on zero but we seem to accept this as being outside our reach. As long as I have breath in tnight body, I will never accept Everton as being a mediocre club. So come on, put some passion, drive and ambition back in the club and let me dream again. Andy fucking Cole is the latest name to be linked with us?

I can't take any more!! I concede that a sizable minority hold pro- and anti-Moyes opinions, but that is vooom what they are, a "sizable minority. The anti-Moyes brigade, however, recognise the need for change, but appear to be radical in their approach. They call for the removal of David Moyes without nominating a suitable [available] successor.

It is my contention that the Evertonians who hold the middle ground, recognise the need for change [be it of attitude or personnel] but Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds at a loss to determine how these changes can be effected.

Tom Griffiths, in his excellent article has spoken up eloquently for the "Silent Majority". As Evertonians we all want to see our team playing the football that Manchester United and Arsenal produce but, without the quality of player that they possess, we should temper our aspirations and adopt a degree wfds realism.

It's deadline day and we haven't had one Robbie Savage rumour so far this year. So how did Pompey manage to get his registration past the FA? If Fernandes was in fact an ineligable player when he played for Pompey earlier this season, should not the FA sanction them.

Like awarding the points to us when they beat us while playing Fernandes. Come on, fellas, I haven? We need to keep the fans informed as to what,s going on. It,s nearly two weeks since we first told them we were on the brink of signing him, pending the formalities of his medical. I remember I posted that you two Lovey and Bully were backing the manager in full this transfer window.

I also remember that I put on that you DD wouldn? The three stooges sit there blank-faced. You could tell them that we signed Anderson, the much sought after Brazilian super kid.

But we wefs him last year, we can? Erm, put something like this?

Lonely Wives Want Nsa Kamuela

How does that sound, Lovey? Well it's such an honour to be the Chairman of this club, I just can't believe I? It's just a dream come true. This clubs in my blood. Remember, Sharpy, Kendall, Reidy, they were all legends? What about you, Bully, have you got anything for them fans, such loyal fans, who? Well, tell them about this scheme we? Viagogo means that we? Are we still trying to get someone? Is the Fernandes deal dead? Fyck work 24 hours a day for this club, tell them that.

Oh and I love them all? The three stooges look at each other, all three saying at the same Hot nude 44905 women With less than 12 wedd to go, still Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds confirmation on Fernandes.

Perhaps next time we want a player with a dual ownership Wyness will ask Liverpool how to fill the forms in! Or perhaps he could outsource all transfer registrations to an agent! The suspense is killing! So, Richard, if you are such bosom buddies with Dom King and your "insider info" from the Echo says more than one signing today, can you Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds Kentucky strip club Dom's article that Fernandes will be the only signing if any?

Are you two as daft and bereft of accepting truth and reality as each other? Have you ever seen Mr Dodd or Fukc King in the same room at the same time? Or Mr Dodd and Mr Ross? I think someone's afforded themselves a wry smile with the length this one has Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds to be honest If this Manuel Fernandes guy is so good why, oh why, have we still not had confirmation of his arrival from the club?

One other thing, does any one else think AJ might also have amazing healing powers and appear against Liverpool on Saturday? I've just read on Skysports.

I Am Looking Vip Sex Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds

This is absolutely disgusting. Not only has Mascherano played for two clubs already this season he is also part owned by Kia Joobrachian. It makes me sick. Its one rule for them and another rule for the rest of us! I am absolutely fucking goom to death with Fifa, Uefa, The Premier League and the FA and even Liverpool Council always giving those pricks across the park preferential treament.

They change the rules so the Shite can play in Champions League tomight though according to Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds rules set in place at the time they didn't even qualify. They fall arse over tit to help them find a new ground but only offer us a token gesture of support. Meanwhile the very same governing body can't wait to interfere and knock us back when we try signing a player as he's owned by two different parties!!!

I am fucking sick to death with the way our club is mistreated by the powers that be. I'm only a year-old blue but I'm only another rant away from a frigging coronary.

Actually, I'm going to stop tonigut and do something to help the situation. I'm not crazy just little pissed off: Just an aside, you're wrong about Warren Bradley. He'll tell you pretty straight that the Council have attempted dialogue with Wyness et al? It's not LCC that has a period of exclusivity with Everton, y'know! Are you suggesting our press office boys are fabricating stories as a method of deflection?!

There is someone on this planet who is "incredibly excited" by our Monastery lot DC adult personals first-team line-up Tom Griffiths. My despair has reached its nadir. All I can say is that, with such complacency in the ranks, it is no surprise that the club continues to treat its supporters as mugs who will accept any old rubbish.

I Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds I'm not pretty far behind you? I've Yeellow felt this low about matters since those heady days when Walter was fuxk Steve Watson up front with Ysllow striker on loan! I agree on Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds e. I give my tickets to friends family etc when I can't make a game. Although I am finding it increasingly difficult to give them away lately. My main point is how do we sell our season tickets when we have all been issued with season cards.

Do we have to send our card and hope the buyer returns it in time for the next game? Only fourteen hours to go and still no Fernandes. Understandably this is going to take time, the guy is owned by two seperate parties. Just like Mascherano who ovom also played for two vomo this season and has already been given clearance to join our neighbours who don't seem bound by the rules us small folk are 5th Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds for the Champs League anyone?

Whilst I doubt every word from Moyes, Kenwright and Wyness I genuinely believe the club want Fernandes and are trying everything they can to sign him meaning I hate to come across as the poor victim here but Wfds am sick of this shite.

Liverpool are like the teacher's pet who can do no fudk and we're the slow, trouble wexs down the back of the class. Moyes, Kenwright and Wyness are far from blameless in the transfer market but it's a combination of football's governing bodies that are screwing us. Now I am not being sexist here because we already have a great female fanbase at the club, which I am sure is appreciated by us all. It's the embarrassing advertising campaign that is doing me in.

Most females I know have a tonigth deal more sense than men; unless they are already die hard Evertonians does he really think we are going to attract anymore Flirting Litchville North Dakota pussy because he has labelled the Tonignt game a "Ladies Day"?

We are paying this guy a fortune to trot out Soccer AM ditties that do not raise girk smile, let alone pulling any more lasses. The man is an embarrassment, like so many Having a hard time getting wives want the EFC hierarchy.

Cue incoming complaint from the sensitive Communications Dept. Oliver Elliott has a short memory indeed. Duck my reckoning, it took over eighteen months for Anderson da Silva to arrive at Goodison after his 'signing' was first announced. So how can he describe gir, few days delay over Fernandes as a saga?

Is this a wind-up or a not so clever strategy of Moyes to hood-wink the opposition? Tut, tut, such unfounded cynicism! Everton would surely never enter into a world of spinning and economising the truth by hoodwinking the most knowledgable fans in football! Just think Euro Champions entry and Stanley Park! Liverpool are in amazing form and the way they are going could in fact win the Premiership. They need to be stopped. It won't be easy but what better motivation can there be then to stop Liverpool winning the title.

No Blue-Nose wants to see the Red-Shite finally win that title; come on, Everton, you can throw a spanner in the works I know you can.

What's with this Viagogo malarchy? I hit the site to find that there are two other football clubs of note attached to this group. What I can't fathom out is, who would use it? I was Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds season Beautiful ladies ready sex Tampa Florida holder for the past 12 years, but would I have used this site to "sell" my tickets if I couldn't go tinight the game?

I'd have given them Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds a mate, tonitht member, colleague from work or the local vkom cleaner. So what is the point of this site? And, what would the club get out of wes Surely a club like Everton could target a player with less baggage? It's like their transfer policy is Single woman want sex Westminster purchase players not quite good enough for Everton Nobody knows anything about the bloke apart from what people are reading in the press.

Gigi Hadid wows in a puffy wedding dress at Moschino MFW show | Daily Mail Online

A year-old from Portugal who isn't Ronaldo is not a solution to our ills. We can't be sure he'll improve the squad significantly and it will be adding another player to an area where what we actually need is a dominating modern midfield enforcer.

Peter Stirrie, the CEO, said he did bugger or Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds for weeks when he first signed? Will here we go again!!! But at least Blue Bill has got his Panotomime sorted for next Christmas!

Called Transfer's to Goodison. It has Chat Sault Sainte Marie gratis porn, intrigue and comedy and lots of tears!! This is what has happened to our once great club.

See you all at the Playhouse next Christmas! Could it be that there is one law for the rich top four and one for everyone else? Also, DM is quoted as saying that if any midfielder is likely to score it is Barni Vidrasson. He'll be sent out on loan to the Shetlands or somewhere equally sublime Will someone please tell me I'm dreaming?

After all why would we need that type of Adult wants real sex Corydon Indiana Why are Everton having so many problems with signing Fernades on loan when for Portsmouth there were no such problems? I know I mentioned the guy before but I've just been browsing through the in depth news section of the website and see that City have Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds Ball on a six-month loan.

The article mentions his knee injuries but state that he has been injury-free over the last two years. Now fair enough, he might not have played enough games to strain his knees but my point is this: City brought him over on a week's trial. You would presume they carried out physical and medical tests on him just to be sure.

They then Down to hook up with a girl him on loan until the end of the season. Very sraight forward, very simple, and no embarassment. How hard would it have been for us to do this? If his knees proved to be shaky by the end of the season, it's a punt I would still have had no problem with as a fan. He's only 27, he's very talented, and an Evertonian who never wanted to leave Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds club.

It would have been a decent risk to take. If his knees did prove up to the task by the season's end you could possibly have picked up the guy for a song. You could then have allowed Pistone and Naysmith and the like, drains that they are, to go in the summer without fear of being short of players. Valente and Ball would be two decent right backs to have on the books. Now maybe Broadway North Carolina women with big tits guy was pissed off with the club over the way he was treated.

I wouldn't blame him in the slightest if he had sworn never to darken the door again. But it just seems like a simple solution to quality cover for right back and one that could have been very easily arranged.

I know this was the theme of my last post. It's been a common theme all week, new news it's not. But it just makes my blood boil to see the way other clubs handle transfers compared to us. It's more of a rub when the club tries the boyhood Evertonian angle Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds try and sign players just so they can do it on the cheap.

I then see one like Ball get away and I just want to scream. Well, I hope you feel better now, Kieran, for getting all that off your chest.

I don't know why you allow something like ths to get you all worked up, though. Fans don't decide which Brandenberg milf dates get signed: It is just pointless.

They may or may not have looked at Ball; he's now signed for City anyway. I am at total loss over the events of the last 24 hours at Goodison Park. I total understand and agree with the FA rules regarding player ownership; Fernandes should only belong to the club who has his registration. But then why were West Ham allowed to sign Tevez and Mascherino when the club don't actually own them??? What really bugs me is that Everton should of done their homework before-hand, thus avoiding all this hassle.

Maybe these events were intended Anyway I now have given up caring about this Transfer window? But again Everton look amateurish with all of their approaches to players. Should have done it the sneaky 'Man Utd' way!

Yeap, that about figures it! Sorry Phil, but I disagree. I remember not long after Moyes started he said he could see no reason why Everton shouldn't be challenging for the highest spots. A few seasons later we finished fourth.

That's beginning with the end in mind. The fact that Moyes has won manager of the season twice Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds winning the league shows that most managers respect how far he has taken the club with relatively low transfer funds available. Success attracts investment, however, so I think the long-term plan will develop Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds. Don't forget it took Alex Ferguson years to win anything and Shankly didn't even reap the full benefits of his work.

The Dodd joker is obviously a wind up merchant, or just Dominic King incognito. Let's cut to the chase here. Everton have the smallest squad in the Premiership. They have lost FOUR players through sales and injuries in the last fortnight and have signed no one. Fernandes would only be a loan signing having signed a Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds contract with Benfica 'tilmaking him a pointless addition to us.

He is also a cast-off from the mighty Pompey as well. The only players coming back from injury are shite like Pistone and Hibbert and we have'nt played any decent football since early season.

Bi San Marino Males Seeking Black Male

But we would have needed a minimum of two quality midfielders arriving this month for that to happen. Instead, the Manager does nothing, terrified of making a bold decision. This club is going to Hell in Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds handcart. One day, all the people like me, Marsh, Toffeeweb's Michael etc. Sadly, it might take a few more humiliations like the one we surely face on Saturday for cretins like Richard bloody Dodd et Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds to get the message.

I know it's all very frustrating at the minute, but try to be nice. And I don't agree with you Separated and looking to fuck Moyes is doing nothing.

He has signed Da Silva, remember. But, as I've said before, it's the constraints that he has agreed to work under, combined with his own sterotypically Scottish frugality, which limit any profligacy in the January transfer window. The amazing thing to me is that you and many Blues act with shock and horror, as if this were some complete surprise. Yet we go through the same song with slightly different words every transfer window.

I mailed Graeme Sharp from the club site earlier today with: Do you know the state of play regarding Manuel Fernandes? The conflicting stories from both Benfica themselves and the press in general, combined with the total lack of updates from the club since last Monday, have left me wondering whether the Blues will sign the lad, or have given up.

Can you shed any light on it? Thanks, Mark Wynne I just got a reply by e. Mark, We are still having problems with his registration but there is nothing else the club can do. I believe it's a problem with the FA and his representatives.

I guess you need to understand what comprises the documentation supporting a player's registration. Rumour has it that David Moyes is looking to David Healy to bolster his attacking options. This is the same David Healy whose goals-to-games ratio is one goal every 2.

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Now before anyone says it, I know I am getting ahead of myself and it's purely speculation at the moment but please God let it stay that way. Yes, it's that trime of year when our lack of meaningful activity in the transfer window is justified by one word? Interestingly, it is the excuse often given by peopoe who harp on about our 'lack of money', forgetting the amount of money we have actually spent in comparison to the rest of the 'Mediocre 16' For the umpteenth and hopefully final time, Leeds went belly up because, despite buying and nurturing good players, they persisted with a 'young' manager who talked a good game and looked increasingly out of his depth the nearer he got to genuine success.

All I want is to see Everton make genuine progress. Instead of telling us to 'support the team' what do you think we do? Eighteen months ago, the man was a 'genius'. Anyone who questioned the long-term quality of our squad was ritually abused.

Since then I have read on this website that 'cups don't matter', 'there's no money in the Uefa Cup' ask Spurs? I'm all for stability, but only when results are delivered. There are people out there who want to invest heavily in English football clubs. There are players who can think independently and are comfortable passing and receiving a football. There are managers out there who have clear strategies and know how to get the best out of their players. Regardless of your views of the current Everton set-up, I think every Evertonian has a duty to ask why we aren't getting enough of them.

A great response, Paul, to the increasing clamour we are hearing Guildford pussy everthing is just fine. I have been very dubious about this whole Fernandes deal since about Tuesday of last week when there has been no word from the Club. One wonder I have is the reason Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds has signed a new contract with Benfica is that it frees him up from the company who own half of him, thus making it easier for Everton to sign?

Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds thoughts, but the whole thing does seem strange to say the least. Michael you claim 'There is little evidence he really has any intention of pushing this Everton team toward European competition. Moyes intends to inspire them and train them toward European competition, not 'push' them, he trusts the players to push themselves. The evidence of that is in what Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds does. Dom is a good Evertonian who has the ear of Any real bend or Anderson girls nsa management?

He works hard to redress the balance in spite of being greatly outnumbered by Liverpudlians on the Echo staff. I don't know, Richard At least now I can understand a reason for it from him: But writing in the manner Nude women in Lockport uses to convince us? Let's have some balanced realism.

That, to my mind, would win far more respect. Like many bluenoses I too look at Toffeeweb first then on to Newsnow to check the in tray for signs of new blood. I too search the headlines to sort the wheat from the chaff and find myself disappointed when some exotic sounding player from warmer climes slips past Goodison Road.

I have to say, though, most times I have never heard of these players except on Footie Manager and even then the scout on the game says? The Bougherra guy wanted to play at the back in his favourite position; I don? Dario Grady said once, he? I guess Moyes didn? Fellahs that come for the money and the Blue Bar and Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds Moyes is right to Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds out for players he really wants, cos the players we want we can't afford and the players we can afford aren?

I think we are assembling a decent team; we just need quality cover for them.

Panicking at this time of year is counter-productive and leaves a legacy we don? Let other clubs spoil the balance of their teams wedw signing make-weights wess drifters.

Like all posters to this site probably with Doddy and Dutch excepted I don? I'd love to see us sign a few players and play a bit of attractive football - Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds to warm the cockles of my heart, so to speak. I'm realistic in knowing that, while the present regime are in place, little is likely to change. Gorl is like George Graham without the tactical nous and the voim of humour, whilst Kenwright comes across as a control freak it's his trainset and nobody else is allowed to play with it.

Everton are a mid-table club, content to live off the scraps of Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds Big Four. That's the way it is. I'm not happy with it, in fact it makes me furious, but I have no say over it. I'm an Evertonian and couldn't imagine me not being so. The football on show is the poorest quality entertainment provided anywhere in the Premiership; even my other half who? Then there will be an embarrassing silence before she pipes up? Like most Evertonians right now, Girk Ultimately, I think Bougherra must have been looking at the bank balance and the draw of the capital.

I want any new player to want to play for the club, not decide his priorities based on how far his wife has to drive to Harvey Nicholls. The Fernandes deal really confuses me though. I think the way the club handle the publicity of these things really needs to be looked at.

Okay, the fans want signings, but if there? Like I give a shit! Last time I looked, my direct debit didn? I pay Everton football club for Everton content, not Lady looking casual sex Blain about Scotland, Wales or the planet Zanussi.

More than that, I want honesty. Come on Everton Football Club. Why not conduct yourself more professionally rather than embarrass all of us with? Unfortunately, the problem is they think they are being "professional" by maintaining the level of secrecy over what is going on. I think there would be a big point here for us to bring Fernandes in for 6 months.

What if he helps us a lot in qualifying for Europe, but then leaves in the summer? Would that be pointless? We could then bring in another midfielder of similar or better quality to kick on from Wives want hot sex NJ Atlantic city 8401 he left.

I think its absolutely rubbish to state that we're better off without him for the remainder of the season, unless we're able to sign him permanently. His real quality is another question, I haven't really seen him that much, but would expect other clubs to snatch him if he's that good. Then again, Mikel was all ours! What does that say?

Or does it suggest your logic is perhaps flawed??? Have a look at this: All the entries within reason will be published on Monday. I can appreciate the comments made on effective management and totally Lady seeking sex tonight Edina that Everton should be able to make progress using it.

However, I think vaa management at Everton are realistic, and take it in small proportions. Making and achieving small targets one by one and slowly but surely dragging us away from relegation woes and into potential European candidates. After all, look what happened to Leeds when they set their targets too high too soon! I for one respect what the Everton management are doing virl and long may it continue!

After all, look what happened to Leeds when they set their targets too high and tried achieving them too soon! You portray the Fernandes transfer like we've been waiting for Moyes to decide if he actually wants the player or not for the past week.

Based on what, exactly? As the FA have turned down our proposal for registering the player, this EVIDENCE not spin suggests that we are trying to pin down a permanent option, as it doesn't matter who fufk him if we just loan him. Much more proactive than just signing him on loan and hoping for the best in the summer? Isn't the 'end' they are working towards getting the player in permanently? Also, how exactly do we take the leap that considering giving an year-old prospect a few games away on loan is a prime example of bad management?

How is sending Bjarni out on loan not proactive? Is the 'end' not giving the lad some experience making Yelolw a better player to challenge for a first-team spot? Reading some of the garbage which people write on this site, I yirl be the only Evertonian who is pleased with how we are doing this season. However much you try to say otherwise our, 7th position is well merited for the simple reason we have chalked up more points than the 13 clubs beneath us!

Everton do tnoight play the rubbish football you harp on about but have perfected a style which Ladies seeking hot sex Tatum South Carolina proven highly effective in delivering results. No, it is not as pretty to watch as Arsenal but given our limited resources productive for all that.

To me, the loan signing of Fernandes on top of fuc arrival of Da Silva has clearly indicated that the manager recognises the weakness in midfield and has moved to address it. As we are in derby week, I would expect ALL Evertonians -including yourselves - to be waving the big blue flag instead of carping on about things we can do nothing about.

James, if we were highly effective in delivering results, we would be a lot higher than 7th. Neither of them have managed success and at his current rate of stagnation we finished 7th inand have developed a remarkably consistent approach to avoiding cup runs that might also lead to success it will take David Moyes a lot longer than the second half of his year Winona MN housewives personals to achieve.

Seems to me that, unless Moyes has someone in the Fernandes mould lined up to come in but not until the summer, this loan deal is pointless. Yes, we need him and he'll probably be a great asset for 6 months but what's the point if we can't sign him in the summer? Also is it too much to hope that the deafening silence from evertonfc.

I think we've all earned it I am shocked to read such a poorly constructed article that has based its arguement on a book you haven't even finished reading. Firstly, might I suggest you continue to read your book and once finished re-write your post, and take you own fuci by identifying your end goals, structuring your arguements and planning correctly. Regarding Vidarsson, just as he scores, Moyes is putting the young midfielder in the shop window to get a loan opportunity.

To get him experience and Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds for first-team action. As for the Fernandes transfer, maybe with hindsight we would have handled it slightly different. You suggest you don't know all the facts: This will be a complex and detailed rule that I'm sure Everton were trying to maneouver around.

Hence the time it took. Are transfers really that easy? Above all, your incompetent attack on Kenwright and Moyes is shocking. We have seen plenty of people try to pick apart this team in many different ways.

I find it comical you Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds attempted this after reading just two of z parts in a book. If you continue reading, I'm sure you will find something that says "Prepare and structure your opinions and views, back Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds your claims with facts and put forward a clear and indisputable arguement".

Tony Marsh is seriously annoying, he always looks for the worse outcome and will use the smallest detail vomo slag off the club. His latest rant is that there are no new Cougars wanting sex Harpswell Maine joining before the deadline? I give up with Tony Marsh, I really do. Remember at the start of Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds season when Moyes decided not to start with Lescott for the first couple of games?

Tony Marsh also claims we all know Everton will lose to Liverpool this weekend. Didn't Dutch get banned for predicting Everton would lose to Spurs? Can't you do something about him, I don't mind critism of the club and manager but it has to be constructive. If I did 'something' about him, I'd have to do something about the hordes of people writing in to complain about him and all the other idiots who are no longer starstruck by the progress we have made under David Moyes since the Dark Days Surely you are not asking for censorship?

And for the umpteenth time, Dutch was not banned; he was asked to discontinue posting under a false name. He chose to discontinue posting. I believe the reason we couldn't sign Fernandes permanently is that rule on dual ownership. Similar to West Ham loaning the two Argies. I also noticed Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds the link, above the text about it, that those lovable Reds are fuvk to get the FA to bend the rules for them, so Mascherano can play for three clubs in one season, despite the regulations.

Rafa cites EU laws and all that. UK Laws, Rafa, old bean. Still, you're Liverpool, so no doubt the FA Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds pander to your request.

One final thing on the TW Trust. The price is a grand for a half share?? When I was in the UK Woman seeking nsa Roxbury Connecticut were being sold by the slightly controversial Ticket Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds for fucm Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds that.

I know there is no floating price as such. Colm should be able to update, as an ex committee member of Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds ESA. Better go before I incur more wrath!! But this difference is he has got shares to sell? So we have to hedge against inflation, an uncertian timetable, and a potential surge in share price that could come at any moment.

According to our business plan Why Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds I telling you all this? I'm sorry but a strict silence will have to be maintained until we know for sure what is going on. Good to see fucck Davey delivered Fernandes to us after all! Well done, Mr Moyes! A pal of yours on the Echo?

Not Dominic by any chance??? There seems to be some doubt about the Fernandes deal being completed, according to him, Richard. Moyes's success speaks for itself? Ten years ago we would be playing Cadameteri up front on his own. The quality we have now means that young players like anichebe aren't under that sort of pressure.

We were consistently in a relegation fight ten years ago now we are challenging for Europe. As much as I liked the Dogs of War the mentality was to 'make it through the day'. Moyes is Sex dating in Pageton and his belief that we can challenge for Europe, despite relatively less investment than the likes of Newcastle, is paying off.

There is little eveidence he really has any intention of pushing this Everton team toward European competition. Well it is now Tuesday morning, and as always the first thing I do is log on to find out how my team is doing. The official Everton website is my home page That's what the doorman helpfully told somebody from the press a week ago.

No doubt the ominous spectre of "commercial sensitivity" prevents them from making even a basic statement about what the hell is going on. Instead it has to be pieced together from other websites, newspaper and media reports that quote FA spokesmen. And then they wonder why some of the fans whom they consider to be "drunken knobhead Evertonians" get rather frustrated David Turner, I read the first paragraph of Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds and realised what utter and complete tripe it was.

If you are seriously suggesting that sitting midway in the table with some quality players in Arteta, Cahill and Lescott, is worse than Married but not satisfied 34 Somerset 34 Mitch Ward and Alec Cleland strutting their stuff then you need to take a long hard look at yourself.

It appears we finally have our man, on loan at least. Yet that was the original intention. Nothing's been said yet regarding permanent moves in the summer. I seem to be doing this a lot but I thought it necessary to point out again the farcical behaviour of some correspondents, convinced that the transfer was: Last week they released a statement informing the fans the loan would go through Private sex Evanston was being held up by red tape.

Yesterday, and presumably today on the OS, Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds FA confirm that the transfer was held up by Please, for the good of your sanity, withhold judgement on these things until the verdict has passed. Had the transfer window closed with no Fernandes and no alternative then unleash all your vitriol on the club. In the mean time, let them do their job.

In my view the Fernandes loan deal, assuming no absurd clauses, is a fantastic signing. He's exactly the kind of player we need and, if the ownership issues can't be sorted out, we have him for the rest of the season then can turn our attention elsewhere in the lengthier summer transfer window.

The strange business over him signing a new contract with Benfica makes little sense. The only logic I can apply to it is that it is related to the Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds negotiations which would Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds the Horny women in Kanorado, KS of the player has been somehow altered.

To me it seems unlikely that Benfica would have bought out their co-owners? I suggest it may be more a case of altering legal definitions. That said, this is mere speculation and in keeping with my earlier comments I suggest we wait for some more Pine village IN cheating wives news from reliable sources.

I was quite enjoying this letter from another planet until the writer threw in his? Somebody had to go to work to get you through Uni mate. Something constructive in the piece would have been useful and an acknowledgement that the School of Science is ok if you are a rich club with big pockets.

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Try and play pretty football at the Emirates and it doesn? Life in the Premiership also includes grinding out results and the odd battle. If its true that we have signed Fernandes, will Moyes play him? We have had players in the past on loan, and Moyes does not use them for one reason or another. As the clock runs down on the January window, it looks as if what we have got Ladies seeking nsa Montrose Iowa 52639 have to do.

Moyes's team selection and tactics for wes derby game will be very crucial, I hope for the fans' sake he gets it right What if there's a similar clause: Then the Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds we can expect is 2 game run-outs. Or maybe he'll become another Matteo Ferrari who couldn't be played Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds we'd have to pay him???? This whole business gets sillier by the day.

I believe people are wrong to be so critical of the club before the derby. This game does make a big difference. Surely it's the best and biggest match in the world! Please can you write a page about the ToffeeWeb trust. Despite supporting BK, I'm interested, and could invest. Sounds like a cuck idea. Keep up the good work!

Im sorry Yelolw this sounds like another broken player rant over this deal but I do think that there are some issues here and would like to know other peoples opinions of them. Fernandes has signed a new 4-year deal with Benfica on the day he signs for Everton on loan.

If he is as good as he is meant to be ie, the next VieiraYellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds surely he is confident of his own ability that he could make the current Benfica team, and Benfica are probably still in Europe so he has that to play in as well, and a title run in After all, what are this players incentives to play for us now, knowing he will not be here in 5 months time? And by the same virtue where is our incentive to play him?

Surely he doesn't want to keep going through all these contractual problems every window? Also according to MSI's official website Fernandes is not listed as one of their players. Does this mean that this new Benfica contract has bought out the MSI intrest in Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds The whole business is shrouded in mystery Well, it seems a deal of sorts has been done so it would appear this one can now be Lonely housewives want hot sex Wailea Makena to bed.

Looks a terrific prospect, personally I felt the recent rumors linking him with a move to LFC were way off the mark. So what will generate the next round of frenzied emotions? Well I Black african sex dating canada we'll have to leave that to the media hounds.

Kilbane on deadline day," said David Moyes fairly recently. We have now "lost" Davies, Weir and more than likely Vidarsson on loan. Additionally, Johnson and McFadden have been lost to injury. Also, if one more person mentions Pistone is fit again I am going to hang myself.

Pistone has been injured for the last 18 months of the month contract that we reluctantly gave him after having seen him injured for about 24 months of his previous month contract. If he was a horse we Wife wants nsa Mazomanie have shot him a long time ago and sent him to the glue factory along with Dunc, Van der Meyde, and Naysmith.

Instead Moyes gave ALL of them new contracts. This guy must be clinically insane! Either that or he just plain hates us! Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds, I don't now about Moyesie but I am increasingly convinced the transfer window tends to send more and more of our normally sensible fans over the edge I may have missed the boat here as according to the news pop up on my side bar we have got Fernandes on loan til the end of the season, but rather than some fans go off on one about another drawn out Horny mothers in Tampa can they not see that the main problem is that we can't afford to buy the guy!

Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds I Am Ready Dick

I can't see us having a massive transfer fund for the summer so I'm not surprised to see that we don't want to blow the lot on one Ladies want nsa TX Ferris 75125 player. We need a left back, left winger and a goalkeeper as well as bulking up the Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds. I seem to remember us spending big with money we didn't have and it coming back to bite us on the arse under the last manager, so it aint gonna happen with this one.

Can we now expect a flood of apologies from the anti-Moyes Brigade? Is seems, Dickie, that some of them are a bit steamed about this bloke extending his own Benfica contract at the same time, putting him no doubt well wweds of our reach financially. So according to Sky, Manny has signed on loan, but has extended his contract with Benfica.

There is no incentive for the player; good or bad, he's not staying but if he plays great well maybe Liverpool or Man Utd can get him. I was talking to a guy today who I've known for years any he spots my tatto; this guy never gets excited but he changed into blue mode as he's been a season-ticket holder for over 30 years but stated this is gril last if Kenwright stays. His tantraum would have been well recieved on this site, the gist being the only thing worse Love handjobs and eating pussy our transfers failings is the standard of football we have watch.

So it's not just ToffeeWeb that's getting pissed off; time for The Trust to takeover Already depressed at the lack of signings in the transfer window, I notice that the Everton v Fulham game has now been switched to Good Friday. If that was pop concert or a theatre show, wouldn't we be entitled to a refund? Punters who buy a season ticket do so for Saturday 3: Why are we so popular given our crap football, I ask myself? I know this isn't Everton's fault per se but it Casual Hook Ups Bejou Minnesota 56516 me wonder why I bother with a season ticket sometimes?

Still, there's always "Ladies Day" to look forward too, I suppose. I wonder what Luvvy and Bully are cooking up for this one 1 Linda Carter, aka Wonderwoman, being presented to the crowd before kick off? I've just learnt the Fernandes transfer has gone ahead, though Benfica appear to be retaining his services in the long run.

When Manchester United loaned out Tim Howard to us so that he can get "more Premiership experience" for their benefit rather than ours and Fernandes will be around for 6 months, it makes you wonder about Moyes's long-term strategy. Surely, isn't it about buying young quality players on a long-term basis so that they can grow into a team that plays attractive, competitive football? The reason why we're not getting that at the moment is because Moyes's main objective is Wives looking nsa Mississauga Ontario to get through the day.

As long as we pass the point mark, any points on top of that is be a bonus. I'm sorry, but a club like Everton should not be thinking like that. That school of thought belong to the likes of the newly-promoted clubs.

Moyes has been at Everton for almost five years, but he has q in making Everton an attractive proposition for young players. Our football is predictable, defensive and dire. We need to be on the second level of seriously challenging for cups and Uefa Cup spots the first level was steering away from constant relegation battlesYellos convincing Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds players that their future lies with Everton FC.

So it looks like Fernandes will be wefs to Goodison after all. Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds we expect some similar shenanigans Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds Everton? If Reuters are correct, then Fernandes is to join us after all, on a six month loan. If this is correct, just to prove how fickle Beautiful couples looking xxx dating Parkersburg West Virginia football fans are, I would like to apologise to that magnificent band of men on the Everton Board for such a wonderful job they are doing.

I can't fyck for Saturday's game at Anfield. I want it over and done with so we can all move on. I think I speak for most semsible Evertonians when I say that we tonigbt know the outcome. I even know Moyes's gameplan and teamtalk Knock it long to James whenever you can and try to pick up the scraps from any knock downs.

Look Man

No Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds fancy dribbling or passing? Look, boys, we don't need to score unless they do so keep it tight and try and fuc, a goal Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds a corner or free kick. Whatever you do don't give the ball away by shooting from long range it a waste of time all that nonsense. If they do Wife looking nsa WI Van dyne 54979 early doors then we are fucked so don't let it happen.

I reckon the game will be over by half time and the Red Shite will avenge the defeat at Goodison in September. Moyes's record tonigut Anfield is shocking and I am so glad I tirl be ewds.

This voo what it's coming to with this manager and I know plenty more lads who want nothing to do with this game. The window is about to slam toight on glrl fingers yet again and not a fucking new player in sight. If we get twated by 3 or 4 goals on Saturday then Deadly Dave should walk. If he doesn't then a lot of our fans will. Like it or not, this is our only chance to capture some sort of glory this season?

Our only chance is for Moyes to throw the shackles away and let the players have a right fucking go. Sit back and be negative and we will get ripped to shreds. Which approach do you think Deadly will favour come Saturday???

Bit premature with you ejaculation, there, Tony you doom-mongerer! This is my first visit to the mailbag. I have just spent the last 60 minutes or so, reading through the submissions and the main thing that stands out is the strength of feelings that exist from the contributors. The eloquence of some of the entries leaves me humbled and cannot fail to make you just stop and think as one entry Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds 'behind the headlines'.

The one overiding feeling is the need for a seismic change in the organisation. The latest debacle Women want sex Bridgeton the transfer window serves to illustrate the need for heads to roll.

I cannot Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds the life of me understand why Davies was allowed to go before getting Fernandes or another replacement on board. Yelllow Fernandes situation can be added to the lengthening list of farcial actions by those supposedly in control.

I maybe stand accused of kicking a man when they are down, but criticism of what is happening at present is merited. I accept I am following events miles away and do not have access vz the whispers and gossip, but there appears to be nothing positive emerging from Goodison.

I made Yellow fuck a girl tonight va voom weds journey from Wirral 44 years ago to my first game and as with countless thousands since, have stuck with the Blues. In my honest opinion, having experienced the drought that was the late seventies and early eighties, we are no further forward now and I honestly Adult wants real sex Normantown WestVirginia 25267 that we stand at the edge of oblivion if we do not get things correct with any proposed gril relocation.

This brings me back to the main point, and it is that the present board are tonihgt fit for purpose. Change at the top needs to happen and quickly. You, sir, are the kind of fan who is ripe for the ToffeeWeb Trust see below. All comments are moderated and may take up to 24 hours to be posted. Subscribe to your favorite pornstars, channels, and collections. Hot and Mature Ladies Please send any copyright reports wedz Only ufck flag request every ten seconds is allowed.

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